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Everything posted by pcexplosion

  1. RE1 and 4 are remastered.All the games are good ports.But they still haven't re released RE2 or 3 for PC.
  2. I wouldn't say Revelations is worthless but they're not main games.
  3. Revelations are spinoffs.The RE4 is HD because it once came out for the PC but it was a crappy Ubisoft port.
  4. I say start with RE4 and go up from there then go back to the first one.Or just start with the first one.
  5. I'm getting this for zombies,I didn't even buy ghosts or advanced warfare because they didn't interest me.
  6. 651 Hours in Bf3.The most out of any BF game I've played.
  7. The plugins don't work in 64bit browsers.Do you have the dev tools installed on chrome?
  8. Same here I just asked my dad after alot research before hand for my first build.
  9. I think the only ones that do stream is KTLA in Cali.
  10. Try joining a server that has the B2K maps and see if you can play on them.
  11. Go to my games on origin and right click on Bf3 and repair the game.
  12. Vessel -PCXplosion https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  13. Couldn't stop someone in time from buying a prebuilt cyberpower PC from Walmart a couple days ago.
  14. I like Squrtle,Treecko,and Cyndaquil.Starters from the first three generations and they are different types.
  15. On the forum I don't like the instant shitposts and spam on new threads.
  16. So you have to go R390 for HBM.I thought at least the R9 380x would have had HBM.
  17. So why doesn't AMD put L3 cache on at least the Athlon quad cores,is it because of heat?
  18. Still have a Ps2 and 64 but I mostly use my Gamecube on an old tube tv.
  19. I remember the wan show you remember but don't know which one but I think it was this for the ding ding ding but I dont know the goodbye song.