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  1. https://www.kupujemprodajem.com/Kompjuteri-Desktop/Graficke-kartice/Sapphire-R9-280X-Vapor-X-64222417-oglas.htm that is the r9 280x well bro i know but u know im not really rich
  2. I really cant, its like 200euros+ But i found a miner's r9 280x for 100euros Now the question is it gonna be enough for my BeQuiet System Power 7 80+ Silver 500w PSU?
  3. Well as a poor high school student who just purchased a 80+silver used BQ-SU7 500w for 25euros im looking to give my R7 250, and put some more money to buy a decent gpu that wont bottleneck my X4 750, and im debating over a gtx 760 or a r9 270x as they are the top cards that will give me much performance and wont bottleneck my cpu. Would like the 4gb versions tho.
  4. Yeah but the prices are always higher here in Europe. And performance wise is it the same as the regular 760?
  5. So guys i found a GTX 760ti for 110euros and im asking you how rare is it, and is it even worth it? Can i like resell it for more? Here's the link: https://www.kupujemprodajem.com/Kompjuteri-Desktop/Graficke-kartice/Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-760-Ti-OEM-63176214-oglas.htm?filter_id=21511 Im from Balkan and people dont know anything about stuff rare like that but imma translate the whole ad Basically the guy says that its from Czech Republic and that it is completely good and it never mined. So the question is should i buy it? Is it even worth it?