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    MetaDrow got a reaction from Origami Cactus in I'm really sorry I didn't review this sooner - Oculus Rift S   
    Suggestion: Can we get a segment/opinion of someone who wears glasses in the office for something like this? It would help to know if the headset was a pain in the butt to put on or hard to focus with glasses in between.
  2. Agree
    MetaDrow reacted to Spotty in Clickbait titles and thumbnails   
    The latest TechQuickie video about flexible screen technology and how it works really annoys me.

    You're using vague clickbait titles on Techquickie now!? C'mon!

    The whole purpose of TechQuickie videos is to make easy to understand videos so that someone who isn't tech-savvy could search a topic, watch a quick 5min video about it, and learn the basics of that topic. Topics like "What is HDMI?", "What is Overclocking", "Difference between SSDs and Hard Drives", and so on. Something that my mother could google to learn about.  If I search "How do flexible phone screens work" or "How do foldable phones work" the tech quickie video does not come up in the results at all. Heck, I get the Jon Tron video on Flex tape before I see any tech quickie video about flexible screens.

    People can, and will, argue all day long about clickbait on the entertainment focused LinusTechTips channel, but I think putting clickbait titles on Techquickie which is meant to be an educational & informative channel is downright moronic. You can't even find the video by searching for the topic that the video is meant to be explaining - which completely defeats the purpose of the TechQuickie channel.
    Screw the Youtube algorithms; there's no point having an informative TechQuickie channel if you're going to fill it with videos with clickbait titles that are so vague you can't even find the video when searching for that topic.
  3. Funny
    MetaDrow got a reaction from QuikMiner in Tech Now vs Then - Sponsored by SAGE   
    Thanks Linus for making some of us feel really old, even if some aren't even that old (me included).
  4. Agree
    MetaDrow reacted to Eaglerino in Linus's Disturbing Trend to Clickbait   
    I think one of the better comments on one of these videos says it best, "If I see another shocked face it'll make me want to kill myself."


    I mean Linus knows it's happening, he has to pose for the freaking shots. Is he really going to turn into people I actively avoided years ago, Tobuscus and RWJ, because of their stupid looking thumbnails? Does Linus truly have to resort to freaking 10 year old Imgur/Reddit memes?
    Now I know, I know, if this is what maximizes views and monetary income then it's the right decision for Linus. It's perfect for them to do. It might even get them actively on YouTube trending's list, although even that seems to be less clickbait videos this last week thank Zaros. It also might be because of his expanded team, maybe someone thought this would be a good idea and much like Diablo 3 it's a bad idea that got through. Still, one missing subscriber won't hurt them even though I'll deeply miss their videos, but these thumbnails are giving me cancer and a few (Revive your old laptop) are just pure clickbait.
  5. Agree
    MetaDrow reacted to SteinerW in How do you live without an optical drive?   
    I have a usb optical drive that I can pull out in the rare case that I would actually need one.
  6. Agree
    MetaDrow reacted to Litargirio in Fitbit has taken over Pebble   
    2011 - 2016
  7. Agree
    MetaDrow reacted to xdeadzx in Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mice   
    While I agree wireless mice are superior due to no cable and Logitech's implementation of wireless is faster than some extremely popular wired mice (like the deathadder 3G)...  This video doesn't explain that or even bring anything useful to the table.  I'm glad it was made, but I don't see t being useful for anyone.
    People need to try good wireless mice, but the good ones are all also rather expensive, especially compared to wired equivalents as noted in the video.  And even some pricey ones are shit (again as mentioned in the video, with Razer's wireless mice.)  I know I probably won't ever go back to a wired mouse, and I'm looking forwards to Logitech remaking the G700 with their new g900/g403 wireless technologies and superior buttons.
  8. Agree
    MetaDrow reacted to Monkey Dust in Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mice   
    I'm a wireless convert, at least for mice. Being free of the cable is a beautiful thing, though I do concede the charging is a PITA. I'd like to see a solution involving wireless charging built in to a mouse mat, then wireless mice would be perfect.
  9. Informative
    MetaDrow got a reaction from WoodenMarker in Corsair ML series fans in DC mode?   
    I thought so too until I took a look at their website
    Time to join the Noctua fan club? lol
  10. Funny
    MetaDrow reacted to Tech_Dreamer in First Tesla driver caught sleeping with autopilot on   
    #Dat Training #WhatiLearnedinBoatingSchoolis
  11. Agree
    MetaDrow got a reaction from mikat in Tech Now vs Then - Sponsored by SAGE   
    Thanks Linus for making some of us feel really old, even if some aren't even that old (me included).
  12. Like
    MetaDrow got a reaction from Trik'Stari in Star Wars: Battlefront Beta   
    Its not EA doing a good job when they are pushing for DLC and season passes Luke, its DICE developing the game.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from dom1310df in Recycling Your Electronics   
    I want to try out the true key thing but it currently doesn't support firefox , but for some reason it supports IE already??
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from EChondo in Rainbow 6 Siege impressions   
    The game is alright. PvP is meh since most of the time instead of finishing the objective, it just turns into a TDM, last man standing with "optional" objective. PvE Terrorist hunt seems like a fun coop game mode with friends moving tactically. Servers really suck, 3/10 tries for match making to even find other players; ping seems okay but could be wrong.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from Enderman in NZXT CAM buggy mess   
    It's been months since they release version 2.0 which only makes it look prettier, I don't expect them to fix it any time soon but at least they are still working on it. I try not to keep it in the background
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from Deli in NZXT CAM buggy mess   
    No idea, I see lots of people suggest CAM software but only a hand full of people mention the issues like the unnecessarily CPU usage.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from Raghav Arya in SSHD is better than HHD ? in term Speed or long time durability ?   
    For systems with only one drive I would say it would be a good idea to get a SSHD, for example a laptop with only one 2.5" slot. I've got one in my laptop, startup Windows a couple of times with a few startup programs for cache to pick it up and boots up as fast as my desktop. If you have room for more than one drive then it's probably better to save a bit more for a SSD boot/HDD storage combo for more control over what needs the speed priority besides the OS obviously.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from Albatross in iOS vs Android Debate   
    Linus (Android) wins, Jon's point on viruses, lol what? I have never seen a virus on an android device, when ios currently has that messaging breach where someone can send you a script and can possibly shut down the whole device. "So I heard a whole lot of apple fanboying over there, I didn't hear any valid points" - Linus, pretty much how I feel.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from Knasson in Entertainment Center Cooling Mod - Silence Upgrade   
    Reminds me when I was young helping my dad fixing things. Also at 6:00, LinusScrewDriverTips because that's how a real man use a screwdriver hahaha
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from BurgerBum in This better than a 212 EVO?   
    Bigger is better huh? If Linus was here and not on vacation, I'm sure he would have a bad joke involving pants if you know what I mean
    But 2-3 C difference for about $10 more isn't much, I would be more worried about DIMM slot clearance because the picture WoodenMaker posted doesn't look like much space. The CM Hyper 212 Evo has 37CM of clearance which looks like it has more space than the Shadow Rock 2.
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    MetaDrow reacted to LinusTech in Why do people buy boring generic PC cases   
    I like the contrast between the clean (boring?) exterior of my case, and the flashy bling of the inside.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from MVPernula in CPU Fan help! Will it fit/work?   
    +1 for the Hyper 212 EVO, pretty good cooler for the price and it's not that expensive to begin with.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from LegacyStijncat in How often should I trim or defragment?   
    Windows 8+ has trim support, defragging and trimming once a week should be fine and you can just set a schedule on the default windows one and forget about it. You just have to turn it on as default is usually off, not sure if Windows 7 has trim support so I assume it doesn't.
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from LAwLz in The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge - MWC Reveal + Phone Arena Preview + Add. Leaks; April 10th launch   
    I might get either the S5 or something like the oneplusone if they don't fuck it up from software updates, contract is ending soon.
    People are just that stupid, when the S5 came out with USB 3, people thought they couldn't use their old cables to charge. I didn't really think about it until a friend got the S5 and thought that until I told them the USB 2 cables works fine. I was thinking "Are you fucking kidding me?!? It's universal, it's in the freaking name U-S-B" then told that to their face =P It was probably the main reason why the note 4 has USB 2. When type C comes out, I really hope people won't just shove it up a micro B port then go complain "it doesn't work" because it looks similar...
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    MetaDrow got a reaction from LAwLz in The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge - MWC Reveal + Phone Arena Preview + Add. Leaks; April 10th launch   
    USB 2? No expandable memory? Bottom headphone jack? Less battery because of "oh look, I'm super thin"? No water resistance? and is that a bump for the camera?? And "eww" that glossy back looks like a absolute fingerprint and sweat magnet. About the USB 2 port, are people that stupid to not know that USB 2 micro B cables work with USB 3 micro B ports... because it doesn't looks the same means it doesn't work...?  I'm done, time to see what HTC and LG has to offer.
    The removable back saved me so much money on repairs and time for my S3 because the headphone jack died. I was so glad it was a modular piece that I could do diagnostic on it and that I could still use my phone until the part came in.