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  1. Hi, i changed my 60Hz display for a 144Hz one, and i'm having some stutters via DisplayPort (HDMI is not as smooth as DP, i already tried it). I have a 2060 Super, the display is an ASUS TUF Gaming VG24V. I read, don't remember where, that the display is a 120Hz display (and then it overclocks to 144Hz). I ran PES 2021 at 144Hz and it got laggy, then i changed it to 120Hz and it was and is smooth like butter, but sometimes i get a drop in the FPS. Playing an old AC game, Unity, if i don't enable G-Sync ("this is not a validated G-Sync monitor", the display has Adaptive Sync and FreeSync, but i
  2. I think that no display out = CPU/BIOS. Well, we did the best. Hope you can solve this. Have a nice week. Bye!
  3. And all the other components were working fine? RAM, PSU, etc... Contact AMD and for the last step, RMA the mobo.
  4. A friend with an old CPU? I have Intel too, is far too less problematic than AMD. My hole life using Intel. I'm currently running a 10600K and it's a great CPU. EDIT: or you can do what RapidDevil said. Follow the link he provided. Maybe you get lucky.
  5. Give it a try and download the latest BIOS version. If it doesn't work, try with an older CPU. If it doesn't work either, send the mobo to RMA.
  6. But it's ok you downloaded that BIOS, i told you the F13g version because it's the last one. Did you check the revision of the board?
  7. Maybe it sounds repetitive but ASUS has a BIOS rename tool, does GB has one?
  8. Maybe, with Gigabyte, is the other way around? Don't know really. Sorry. Do as Rapid Devil said or ask a friend for an old Ryzen or APU.
  9. With ASUS boards you need to have the pendrive formatted in FAT32 mode. Maybe you have the pendrive in NTFS and that's the problem. Just a suggestion. I don't know if Gigabyte operates in the same way as ASUS.
  10. Anyone? Before upgrading the emulator, it didn't go from fullscreen to windowed mode (it stayed at fullscreen).
  11. Hi! How are you? The motherboard supports Ryzen 5000 series, but you need to have the F10 BIOS version. If you have any previous version it won't boot up. If you have a previous gen Ryzen, give it a try, and if it boots up, update your BIOS, and then install the 5600X. Cheers! P.S.: Do you have the 1.0 or 1.1 motherboard revision? Please, select the right one.