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  1. Hi! Yes, i think it's the same but... I don't have the laptop anymore. I sold it. Thanks anyway!!!
  2. When you do a cold boot; what is the delay of the RGB lights to turn on?
  3. Can i ask you for a favor? Could you do a cold start of your PC, showing me how the H100i pump behaves (lighting and sound)? Maybe i'm being a little paranoic. Thanks in advance.
  4. Good! Do you have an older firmware to share?
  5. That's the latest firmware. The one that is giving me some issues. I need, i think, the 1.01.15 version.
  6. Thanks. I think i tried to downgrade it with this .hex file and it didn't let me because it must be the exact same model.
  7. I contacted them, but they are a pain in the a**. You can update or downgrade in safe mode with a .hex file.
  8. Hi! Yes, i did. No luck! It happened to a friend of mine with a H115i too.
  9. Hi! I updated the firmware of my water cooler to the latest version (1.01.32). Now i'm having some issues when i power my pc up. Before the update, the rgb lights of the pump appeared after 1 second, now it tooks 5 to 10 seconds to light up. Also, i'm having some kinda flushing noise that i didn't have before. I'm sure is related to this firmware. The thing is i need an older one or the one that came with the H100i. Does anyone has a .hex file? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hi. I have a 10700K and Core #1 is 3-4 degrees hotter than the others. When i open, for example, Core Temp, this core jumps up (i think is the one used in single-threaded application). When i run CB R15 or R20, the cores equalizes but the Core #5 is the lowest one (tipically 4 degrees less). Is everything fine? Just curious. Thanks! Opening Core Temp in the attached image. The other, after a CB R15 run. P.S.: I reapplied thermal paste twice, the first one was "worst" than this one. I have an H100i RGB PRO XT.