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  1. Thanks for your help all. I’m just gonna buy a new laptop
  2. Yeah its a human person. But they won't sell me the part. I’m wondering if the adhesive will mess up the display
  3. The outer glass on my Kano Computer kit touch shattered. Could I remove the remains and use a screen protector instead of the glass? Or would that affect the touch layer?
  4. If you’re here for my specs 

    Look <<<<<<<<<< and scroll down

  5. Thx buddy. I’m going for the cheapest model on each. I’m going for only a storage upgrade. My budget is less then $500
  6. If you really need a touchscreen here are some options (Prices in USD) Surface Laptop 3 15", Black (metal), AMD Ryzen 7 3780U, RAM 16GB, Storage: 512GB ($2,100) Surface Pro 7 Black, Intel Core i7, RAM 16GB, Storage: 512GB (With Type Cover $2,100) Surface Book 2 15" Display, Storage: 512GB, Intel Core i7 ($2,900)
  7. Hey all! I need some help picking a budget laptop for light browsing and light productivity. No gaming, no editing. You can see what I’m considering here and vote here. Thanks all
  8. Yeah. I was reading the medium article. Holy shit. Fuck Slickwraps.
  9. Oh my. That’s the nicest hacker ever. They sold my data when Chegg breached last summer
  10. I got it on my A6. I then freaked out and logged into find my mobile.
  11. It would be so simple to make it not bootable. It would take like 1 change
  12. Google is currently rolling out the January 2020 Core Update. This update’s contents are not being shared due to trade secret issues. It will most likely only make suggestions better If you are a sitemaster concerned about this update see this page This update should not cause interruptions to Google search and services You can read the full article here