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  1. I like how far Mac has come over the years. Free OS updates are nice. I have used Linux a fair bit but do not think I would enjoy it as a daily driver.
  2. Most of the VM stuff I do is just testing for various setups on my virtual pinball machine, and some tinkering with my SNES Classic. Also do some work here and there to try and replicate bugs.
  3. I try avoid coins where possible, had one fall into an open power supply once
  4. AiO form factor works for my current setup, but I am not opposed to a small case. When I had a PC a decade ago it was in a Thermaltake Level 10 which put me off cases all together haha.
  5. This is a great point. Windows is not my daily driver, but I have had experience with W10 and don't find it too different. There will always be a learning curve on new machines though.
  6. I have seen this topic amongst the forums in different iterations, but I am hoping that I can get some responses to this as it pertains to my needs! I am currently using a 2012 27" iMac, i7, 24g ram, GTX 780M 4g, 3T Fusion drive. At the time I ordered this, it was the best configuration you could buy less the ram which I did myself. I have been using this computer daily since I got it and aside from a reinstall I did a few months back I have had no major issues with it. I would not say that I am dedicated to the Apple platform, so I am open to Windows options as well.