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  1. I'll give it a try. In the scarlett program the buffer size was set to 256, is that what you mean by bits? I set it to 16 though, so well give it a try.
  2. The issue: For some reason my microphone pops and randomly lags (Clip provided). I have absolutely no idea why. I've tried a bunch of different fixes and what not but for some reason it still does it. The setup: 2 pc's (which is know is a pain in the butt sometimes, but this happens on my main pc also) It's a Sterling Audio condenser mic, running through a Focusrite Scarlett solo 3rd gen preamp directly into my gaming pc. Then being routed through Voicemeter to my streaming pc. Everything seems to be setup correctly, and there is no signs of peaking on the Focusrite's on
  3. So it was the PSU, Swapped it for my 650 watt out of my streaming pc and its working perfectly now with no crashes. Guess its time to go up to BestBuy and swap the other one out. Thanks for all your help you guys!
  4. Yea it is a brand new install of windows. Every shut down is a Kernel-Power error. I can always take the PSU back and get a new one. I did buy It from the BestBuy that is a few minutes from my house. I figure that's probably what I'll have to do.
  5. Nope, booted up PUBG for a few seconds sat in the main screen and PC crashed immediately. anyone think it may be the PSU for sure now? It's literally booting off the PC then restarting so that seems pretty PSU to me.
  6. PSU is still cold, I ran the timespy bench mark ->> https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/38486147? Ran fine as far as I can tell and didn't crash. I did install the chipset driver, Idk if it was already installed or not, but I redid it anyways from the manufacturers website. Gonna do a bit more testing in some graphically intensive games.
  7. The fan is spinning. It's also quite cool. Now to test under load.
  8. Also it games for anywhere between 2 mins in game - 2 hours in game before doing the random restart. It does it suddenly then fully restarts the pc. It runs fine until its put under load. So it very well may be the psu.
  9. I did just install the newest version of the bios, I wonder if maybe that's the issue. It's a brand new power supply. Lemme run it in a game and make sure its not overheating.
  10. Let me make sure, that's the only other thing I haven't checked. I will also check the drivers and such and get back to you, give me a few minutes.
  11. Everything besides the GPU were bought on the same day. Like a week ago. I'm assuming your talking about Ryzen. Mostly because I didn't/don't know enough about them. As far as I've heard intel is the way to go for gaming, but I'm pretty uninformed in that area. The GPU I bought the day they released them so it's relatively old. I did however buy a 1650 to replace it in my old PC that is now my streaming computer.
  12. I do in my streaming pc, I would have to take it apart which just seems like a hassle, but that did cross my mind to troubleshoot.
  13. Alright so I bought an entire new pc's worth of parts a few days ago. I put it all together and it worked, one small problem. It keeps randomly restarting itself. By randomly I really do mean random. It only happens when its under load, mostly when I play games. But not all the time. I can sometimes play for a few hours before it restarts, or a few minutes depending on how the pc feels I guess. I have tried reseating everything. Thought it might be a cpu temp issue, so I re applied thermal paste, and also went out and bought a liquid cooler. It's def not a temp problem unless it's the gpu over
  14. Yes, But not as severely. I was wondering that to. People say that NDI is supposed to have little to know impact on performance. But it's basically the same as capturing a 144htz monitor on a 60htz cap card.
  15. So I have been randomly having pretty low fps in most games here lately and am wondering if anyone has some suggestions on reasons behind it. After running a bench mark prob 10+ times just to check my hardware I can safely rule out hardware issues. I think it's probably just in the way I have some random settings configured. I have: i7-6700k at stock 4.0mhz GTX 1080 founders edition (all on default settings) I messed with a ton of different settings configs with little to no fps changes in games. - Newest drivers Corsair RM650x 650 watt PSU 16g of ddr4 ram @