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  1. @Crunchy Dragonmy pc has started lagging example going full screen on yt and opening google and CPU is still on 57%
  2. @Genesis_Uchiha ok i will consider that thanks for the help
  3. @Crunchy Dragon thanks for the help i have rebooted my laptop several times and it is just the same so i don't know what is going in there
  4. @Crunchy Dragon FPS is good some games i get 120 and above
  5. @Crunchy Dragon i dont but also the ghz dose not change either
  6. @Crunchy Dragon nope its hot its like when it was new when i was gaming
  7. @Crunchy Dragon that is what i don't understand why my CPU is a 100% and 57% and 70 and above degrees
  8. @Crunchy Dragon BUT the CPU temp goes up to 70 degrees when idling or higher so i think there is something wrong but your the expert aha when the cpu is at 100% or 57%
  9. @Crunchy Dragon task manager says 57% and dragon centre says 1-3%
  10. @Crunchy Dragon No it is really fast doing normal stuff i just don't understand why it is at 100% this moment in time it is stuck on 57% and wont move
  11. my CPU's usage is pinned at 100% and it is a MSI GE73VR 7RE with a intel I7 7700HQ but in my dragon centre it says it is only using 4% can anyone help me if you need more information just reply back