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  1. Here are the specs! First column which says Server. My Set-Up.pdf
  2. Thanks so much!! If you have any additional suggestions, here are the specs for everything in the house! But mainly it's the server that we are looking for recommendations for! My Set-Up.pdf
  3. The old board was a Gigabyte Z390UD. Honestly it worked great for our needs. But is there anything else you might recommend that would work just as well? We are replacing it with a MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon.
  4. Thank you for that option. Husband says that motherboard just has way more than what we need. But is looking into it!
  5. I will get the old motherboard information as soon as I'm off work! Thank you so much for your input so far! This project has been a huge one for the last five years and the techie guy in the house is too proud to browse these forums for advice. Very do it yourself type, after all he went to college for all of this!
  6. Oops my bad! This is why I welcome all questions regarding the server. I didn't build nor do I maintain it. Please try to be less sarcastic with your reply. I literally contain zero knowledge of our server build, or the three gaming computers within our house. I could probably barely tell you specs. I really just want to be as helpful as possible with the maintenance and finding other solutions for just the sheer size of this thing. Our Server is strictly media, all the movies, TV shows etc. We utilize Plex for all the streaming. And half of the storage is technically redundant in
  7. Ok so this is my second time posting in the Linus Forum but I'm looking for feasible solutions for my 128TB home server. I also need to admit I'm not the mastermind behind this project but I need to seek out alternative solutions. I want to be of some help regarding our home server. So here's what we've got: We currently have 18 hard drives inside of the server and one outside. It's already inside of a case which only technically holds 15. But with some extra work we were able to get more than 15 in there. The processor we have is an i7 8700 and the current mothe
  8. Thanks so much for the help! Like I said it seems like it was more of a hassle to me, being unaware how all of this worked. I was just expecting some magical solution that would be efficient and not seem like such a headache! This stuff all comes naturally to him; as he's been in the biz for over a decade, but sometimes I can get a little lost while he explains these complicated processes to me. As for the movies, yes the recently purchased ones are easy to retrieve over and over again. When we moved in together I started the painful process of converting 500 some DVD's and those
  9. Thanks so much for ALL of this information! I don't really sweat the small stuff (pictures and personal documents) as it is backed up in numerous places; both in our home and on several off-site (Google, Drop-Box etc.) Definitely not pirating but everything I own is digital, and it is all that heavy stuff that he keeps an identical copy of that I'm worried about being contained within the same server/place. It is really more of annoyance when I add something, that I can't just put it into the folder where it goes as he needs to back it up to whichever drive it's supposed to be on. That's
  10. Oh ok! I guess I didn't really understand what a fire box was there for a second! This has all been VERY helpful and definitely gives me a better understanding of how all of these things in my home work! He does try to explain these processes to me, but sometimes I DO get a little lost.
  11. It also wouldn't be so much the cost of matching those drives. He would just build another server and remove those backup hard drives out of this server and put them into another. So there are 9 drives total: 3 drives have all the media, 3 more have an EXACT copy of all that media (they are cloned.) There is then a 2TB drive which is for our cameras and doesn't need backed up. There is a 3TB drive that is a backup for various items around the house (emulated programs for gaming consoles.) The 9th drive, I believe is the boot drive. But the 6 drives with the media need to be matched up, every t
  12. Thank you so much for your input! I was just having a very hard time understanding all of this. I just felt that it should be simpler. All of our media is contained within one place (the server,) as it frees up space on the laptops and is unnecessary to have any of this media on either of the Gaming PC's. So all of my media is with his on our home server I just felt that there HAD to be an easier way to duplicate all of this media onto this other internal drives without going through all of this trouble. But it seems as though it is the safest way to do so without encountering errors and accid
  13. The other day he formatted all the backup drives and then literally copy and pasted files from one drive to the other. Normally what he does when new media is added is to put one copy on the drive it goes on and one copy on the backup drive. However, what about just scanning for changes? I think he has used various native programs. See the thing is; when I add new files or new music, it sits in a folder called 'Ready to Go' until he is ready to make the needed copy and put those onto both drives. This means that until he has time, my stuff is just sitting there and isn't really accessible unti
  14. Ok that seems like an option to look into for that and thank you!! But what about backing up all of this media internally? Best way to do it? It just seems so complicated, the way he is doing it?
  15. Ok so I'm new to the forum but have been watching Linus videos for several years now. My boyfriend is the techy guy in our home. He has built all of our gaming computers as well as our server. When it comes to backing up our server I get so confused by the things he tells me. And he seems to be having a difficult time picking the best back-up solution that meets his needs. Our server is used for media ONLY. All of our movies, TV shows, music, etc. We run the server and then use it with Plex to access all of this media. But only use IS media. We have separate PC's/laptops for gaming