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  1. Well I am using xp and 7 guys so it is flexible I was just using xp cause of the low resources for the system, for basically game on, but once I get my ram up to 8 (seen this done before) and go the quad route, yeah going back to 7.
  2. Hey guys, I have a basic am3 board old e machine and 2 one tb drives and here is the kicker, I am running a amd hd 4650 512 mb video card, now with this being said, EL1352 is the board and I want to add a good graphics card that will not bottleneck and I do have a and althlon 2 dual core 225 running 3.1 gbz (I want to go to a quad or more) and 4gb ddr3 ram. I would like to know the options I have.