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  1. a few shirts and the cpu pillow just kinda wanna know if i could get some info on the shipping before i order
  2. anyone living in japan that knows how much the shipping is buyin merch?
  3. any app recommended for clearing windows of junk(not preinstalled app more like junk files) would prefer if its free
  4. k thanks dont need alot of power so might go for the ones without power cord cleaner too
  5. ones that need sata power and those that doesnt is there any difference?
  6. old mouse is dying (g502 wired) thinking of changing to a wireless one which one do you guys think is better 604 or 502 or maybe any other recommendation i need one with onboard memory and at least 4 extra customisable key though
  7. Quick question bought a gpu gtx980(i know its old im poor ok) and somehow the internal igpu from my 4770k is disabled(no display) gpu display is fine so just wondering is this normal?
  8. ok thanks last question if i just maybe wanted to tweak those two how should i eg:cpu v core just need to increase it to stabalize but io/sa needs to tweak to a certain level as i have heard if you guys have tried it can i have a little info on how do you tweak it
  9. havent ran a long hour stress test yet (5 hours max for now) whole system is running quiet hot in load maxing just below 90 and ive heard that adding voltage to those two (maybe) could bring the temp down
  10. quick question overclocking right now saw a few guides online that tweaks these 2 variables(CPU IO/SA) i've already got a stable 4.5 with 1.28v on my 4770k also tweak up my cpu ring clock and voltage already so here's the real question should i bother tweaking those 2 variables(cpu io/sa) and if i should how and why
  11. I think we're getting a little off topic here But makers provide 3 to 5 years(if I'm not wrong) of warranty for a reason right ? And in a consumer point of view it practically meant this thing would work for at least 3to5 years without problem Data corruption wise I doubt it'll happen that fast before your next boot But don't get me wrong hdd for me I think is still a better long term drive than a SSD Next In terms of capacity hdd is reaching it's limit while SSD still has space to grow (this part I may be wrong but I don't think I am)
  12. true but try remembering how much a gig cost last year and how much per gig cost now and in another year or two i wouldnt be surprises ssd having the same price per gig as a hdd spending huge amount of money developing and producing a product that may not even last over a year isnt really smart dont you think?
  13. personal opinion hdd is becoming obsolete by the day since ssd technology is growing so fast even storage wise ssd is starting or even already surpassed hdd on how much data can be stored per drive with this trend the only pro you can get from using a hdd in the future might be reliability and reliability only so theres practically no point developing the sshd especially for the consumer market