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  1. what do you mean by replace the component? can i simply replace the threads or whatever? what basically happened is my dumbass self tried to screw the wrong length and while screwing i heard a "click" and suddenly it's loose and won't screw anymore after a certain point. or how you'll suggest me to jerry rig it? like with a permanent fix like with epoxy or whatever?
  2. Hey so I was trying to wall mount my monitor(asus rog swift pg278q) and I misread the installation and accidently used the screws without the included spacers and I destroyed the threading (the small screws for the base stand still screw able and work fine) is it possible to fix it or have I destroyed it permanently? any help is appreciated!
  3. so my problem is a tricky one and i don't have the time or space to do a windows reset to possibly fix it , almost* every time i log into my pc with (emphasis on log in) i get a flickering blue screen and i can see the task bar at the bottom but can't click anything, if i force the pc to shut down( by holding the power button) and then power on and login again everything is fine but it's annoying and time consuming to do it every time . one time i tried to let it run to see if it will show me any errors and this poped out when i tried to soft shutdown (clicking the power button to let windows
  4. oh wait your're right, i though he was using that useless PlayStation* USB dongle. with the PlayStation dongle you can't do anything besides connecting it to a PlayStation controller so i though to make a use out of it.
  5. hey guys i'm just wondering how Antony managed to connect his xbox controller to the pc with the PlayStation wireless adapter at (link to the video at the exact time they show it) i really like to do it myself.
  6. ok this seems to to the trick it works so first of all thank you!! and just to comper the original size in h.265 was 52.9g and now its 20.5g (ill try messing and trying new things in handbrake to test the real limit of my hardware for best quality to performance ) i really like handbrake very user friendly and a lot of customizations and for free. but there's a still a problem with the file size i can cut the file into small chunks of its self but ill lose all of the subtitles and other voice options you know of any program that can cut the file into pieces but still keep the subtit
  7. For question 1 i can't really answer I've searched the internet for a random and kinda shaidy program so ive deleted it and i dont think it's really matter if it dous tell me I'll search for it. For question 2 all the relevant information should be in the screen shoot. For question 3. Yes all the encryption was riped. And about your recommendation I've just started the encoding with your specification it will take time so if it works it will solve problam 1 but the question if my tv(one of qled model 65' 4k from Samsung) can handle it.
  8. No idea if i posted in the right section\\Hey guys i really need help on this matter it's kind of a unique problam to have. So it's like this I've riped some bluray movies from thier discs note* they massive about 70gig each I already did all the possess of turning them into a neat single mkv file but my pc run the movies choppy and wrong (it's not the single file issue maybe the size) The thing is i have 2080ti and i7 8700k and i don't know why it isn't working My end goal is to put all of my bluray disks on the hard drive and play them on my tv and the tv is also a problam
  9. i recently bought a new pc and i am looking of selling my old parts and i want to sell my 1070 anyone knows were is the best place to sell used hardware ?
  10. so i am looking to upgrade my current mouse i have logitech g300s and i want to buy a new mouse with better sensor that is the same general shape and size that best for fps but there are so many to choose from and i dont know what to pick any Suggestions are welcome *i hope i posted in the right section its my first time posting here