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  1. I got a zotac 2070s amp extreme something and a aerocool project p 7
  2. I noticed one time when i had the side panel removed to clean it, the gpu was throwing all the hot air out of its side straight at the panel,and it blows out ALOT of air (which explains why the glass was hot lol,also had a game running in the background that`s why its hot) I got 3 intake fans ,2 of which are relatively close to the gpu , and 2 exhausts at the top. From the tests i have seen on youtube , it doesnt make much of a difference ,but idk if in my case it might help, if all the hot air is blown straight up to the exhause instead of circling back down and into the gpu fans. The
  3. That is the thing, tho even before this screenshot the owner said its 4Gb, and it my friend said the box had 4gb written on it , i dont have the picture. Though he decided to stay away and avoid risking it on a possible scam, ez to get away with it in our country (so the moment he pays, poof nothing he can do lol)
  4. this is the image which got me wondering about the performance
  5. Hey all, my friend was looking for a upgrade to his gpu, and was looking around for new or used cards, he found a local seller of a GTX 1080 with a suitable price, tho it was 4GB, after asking me about it , i told him NOPE, forget about it , probably a fake GPU, it is nonesense to have a powerful GPU, limited by 4GB VRAM, which his 1060 has 2 GB more Then again , I`ve read before that it can be a issue, or a damaged VRAM, out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is such an issue, and as far as i can tell there is no 4gb 1080 , the owner provided a benchmark where the score and
  6. well it`s been in use for a year, though it is still under warrenty, as said above due to the covid situation it might take some time for one to get sent back Also for some reason in my country almost all stores sell AeroCool psus which from what i heard are not that good, and risky, this coolermaster one is the only psu i managed to find that is not Aerocool lol, i might just hang on this one for a while, and import a seasonic psu when i upgrade my cpu (planning to jump from the i5 8400 to 9900k)
  7. well i did jump from a 1050 ti to a 2070 super (old gpu was in the new rig for like 7 month) It happens when the power usage increases massively(start a heavy game) , but goes away after like 10 secs Coil whine is minimal , i couldnt tell if it was whine or something else tho, had me worried for a bit . Thanks for your help!!!
  8. i don`t mind the sound as it`s only there for a like 10 secs, but i was worried if it is something faulty since this rig is new , barely 1 year old , and i just recently installed a new gpu so was afraid of something getting toasted, Also i was wrong in saying the psu is 1,5 years old , i did get it 1,5 years ago but i installed it when i got all the new rigs parts so basically in use for barely a year so i guess i will forget about the RMA
  9. i asked the support of the store where i got it and he said he couldnt tell so i posted here he told me to RMA it tho, and if am right coil whine isnt included in the warrenty i think , should i just RMA it anyway??
  10. Hi , i know coil whine is generally not much of an issue but recently it started to make a weird sound for a couple of seconds as soon as a load hits it, but then fades out, it is in the video below Can someone confirm if it is indeed coil whine ??? I can`t tell if it is , help is appreciated!!! EDIT: forgot to add its a coolermaster masterwatt 650 80+ bronze 20200528_120320_1.mp4
  11. TL;DR : Amazing graphics at 30fps doesnt mean next gen consoles will beat high end pcs. PC doesn`t really need a 3080 ti to beat a ps5 you can already beat it with existing hardware, put the ssd thing aside cause it doesn`t mean alot (pc got 5 gb ssds, but in reality the are just for loading times since pc got more ram and v/ram, ps5 is using the ssd to compensate the 16gb of combined ram/vram), pc was always able to reach the quality of consoles and run better almost always, unless its a low end pc. If u wanna be on the level off consoles u can push everything to high/ultra s
  12. i didnt say they are gonna be slow , i said it is getting overhyped. there are other things at play here other than the GPU, this is all in theory, as i said let`s see in practice instead of overhyping shit.( as in when it comes out)
  13. About that ram and vram, u do realize they got speeds of 20+ gbytes/s?? edit: there are already 5gb/s ssds for pc too..... the consoles are basically using the ssd as slower ram... And bruh are you for real??? you actually think they will perform as good as a 2080 TI LOL they said the same as last gen , but that was pure BS also yes they can run insanely good looking games, but can they pump out the fps???? NOPE i ran forza horizon 4 on xbox and pc, pc ran it at ~130 fps at all extreme settings while that console ran it at a 30 fps with lower graphi
  14. This ssd thing is all a marketing gimmick pc had them for years, FYI there are 5gb nvme ssds out there, also consoles don`t have VRAM, and separate ram that`s why they gotta use the ssd for that basically a pc with 16gb of ram and 6/8 vram would not be using the ssd for that they are just trying to do what Apple does, reinvent something that was already there and make it a big deal LOL You are seeing this tech now cause of new gen consoles have finally got SSDs , because most developers wouldnt bother use a feature that exists only on 1 platform What epic did