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  1. Hello. I ordered my define 7 compact today and will receive it in a few days. In the meantime i was throroughly researching the case and i was wondering that will it perform better without these air filters. ( See pic below/above) Also other question about the usb c front port. I dont have that usb c connector in my mobo so will just leaving it out disable only the usb c port and nothing else
  2. So newest one comes with all previous changes? Im just confused how doesnt the file size get exponentially igger
  3. So im upgrading my 8400 to 9600kf (traded) and i have to flash my bios (msi z370-a pro) do i flash the newest version and does it come with previous changes or do i have to flash every one individually Also see pictures
  4. so i bought a 1pwm to 3way pwm splitter and im wondering will that be able to power 3 silent series LL 120mm led fans at full speed?
  5. if you compare the motherboard and this size chart you can see that the motherboard ends at the red line
  6. this is a b350 motherboard from a acer prebuilt im wondering is this will fit in a mATX case? dimensions are 200mm x 230mm height x width
  7. how did you attach them so good? i tried to attach my 90mm fan on the gpu (sapphire 1070 blower) and it was sagging. also how are the temps and noise?
  8. Im buying Noctua NF-12/14 ppc 3000rm fans and placing them on my gpu. Gpu is not a main point of this post. Its that 120mm overlaps my gpu so would there be any point of going with a 140mm if 120mm is already too big.
  9. So if i replace my thermal paste would it matter the heatsink cant dissapate the heat anyways? (1070) Im not native american so my english isnt good.
  10. so i have Sapphire 1070 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/sapphire-gtx-1070-oem.b6203 and its different than the regular 1070fe. so will this https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/ax4.html fit?
  11. I can disable the blower, in that case what would be better?
  12. So pushing air into the gpu it is? Or would that damage the blower because case fan is running at higher rpm/ pushing more air?