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Status Updates posted by SenKa

  1. i hate it when companies release a product with the identical name and only change a revision numbee...
    i ordered 4 x 4TB drives for my storage box, which is a Netgear Readynas NV+ turns out there is a rev 1 and 2, which are wildly different in terms of drive support. i have a rev 1, which means the 4 x 4TB drives are reading as 4 x 2TB, because the rev 1 only supports drives up to 2TB per disk, where the rev 2 supports GPT and thus can read much higher :)
  2. im getting sucked back in to musicals again for like the 4th time, send help

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    2. SenKa


      @Bloudy_Parrot Best mistake I’ve ever made is get in to musicals ❤️

    3. Bloudy_Parrot


      😁I can see what you mean , greek movies have a  dancing every tow minutes and even i am bored of them i still watch them and every time i spend 2 HOURS if my life watching something for the 5th time !!!!😆

    4. Bloudy_Parrot


      The ONLY and i mean ONLY way to forget about them is.................


      good luck my friend good luck.

  3. God bless Hirens Boot CD. Absoutely, by far, without a doubt, the best bootable recovery media out there. Has saved my ass so many times (and is actively saving my ass right now after I erm... dropped my 8TB HDD my hard drive died

    1. Gegger


      lienus what have you done!


      but oeuf ouef

    2. SenKa


      Remember kids, keep a backup of everything you dont wanna lose!

  4. Sold my 2070 before my 2080 super could arrive... Guess I'll be GTX 670 gang until that happens.



    1. soldier_ph


      Return of the Kepler.

    2. SenKa


      @Pascal... Amazingly, it can do 1440p low in most of the games I play very convincingly. Not at 144Hz, sure, but I was shocked it could even do it.

  5. Trying AMD OSX for the first time in years... Lets see how this goes

  6. Just had my first SATA cable failure in ages, scared me something different because its on my archive drive :/

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    2. SenKa


      @NZgamer This *is* my backup solution, but it is nowhere near as robust as i'm comfortable with. Just a single drive.


      Dream would be 4 8TB drives, 2 of which are parity, but I am holding off since WD seems to be slipping out some SMR drives out of late and I want to make SURE I dont get stuck with those.

    3. soldier_ph
    4. SenKa


      @Pascal... I thought I had read that WD had slipped some SMR 8TB drives in to their Red family. I was wrong.



      Seagate reached out to TechSpot and clarified that it does not market SMR-based hard drives as NAS drives. "Seagate confirms that we do not utilize Shingled Magnetic Recording technology (SMR) in any IronWolf or IronWolf Pro drives." The company's Barracuda 8TB (ST8000DM004) and 5TB Desktop (ST500DM000) were previously called out for using SMR without specifying the tech, however, the drives are not aimed at NAS consumers and should be treated as such.

      Similarly, Toshiba's P300 4TB (HDWD240UZSVA) and 6TB (HDWD260UZSVA) desktop drives aren't directly aimed at the NAS market but they also use SMR without specifying it. In its documentation for the P300, the company says that the drive "delivers high performance for professionals," so buyers should know what they're getting before making a purchase.

      This leaves Western Digital, which notes that its 2TB-6TB Red drives, aimed at NAS consumers, have device-managed SMR (DMSMR), while remaining models in the 8TB-14TB capacities use CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording).



  7. r/murderedbywords is a literal cesspool of toxic western liberalism. That is all

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      there are some utter 3rd degree burn replies to some lefties god politicians . But you wont be seeing those things over there. almost, just almost as if they are controlling the narrative.

    2. SenKa


      @Tech_Dreamer But orange man bad is peak comedy, didnt ya know?

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      oh yeah , i've been through the concentrated dose, i'm pretty much immune to dem shit rn.

  8. One thing all this staying at home nonsense has done great for me, is given me the time i needed to work on my personal health...


    Im drinking 1L of water daily, minimum. Finally have the time to cook some good meals for myself, feeling lots less stressed... Moneys getting a bit tight, but eh. I'm getting by more than fine for now and feeling better than i have in YEARS.


    Just made this recipe. It is GREAT


    Recipe in spoiler. Halve the amount of garlic if you dont like the flavor of garlic.


    Went through and wrote out directions for all of us who don't know korean!




    • 1 stalk green onion
    • 2 eggs
    • 4 cloves garlic
    • Sugar
    • Soy Sauce
    • Oyster Sauce
    • Ramen
    • Water


    Sauce (just mix ingredients):

    1/2 Tbs sugar

    1 Tbs Soy Sauce

    1 Tbs Oyster Sauce

    1 Tbs Ramen Powder

    1 Teaspoon 3Tbs water




    Slice green onions and garlic

    Boil water

    Add ramen flake packet (if applicable)

    Add ramen

    Cook roughly half way


    Put oil in a pan (oil is of choice)

    Add garlic and green onion

    Stir fry over medium heat

    Add 2 eggs

    Scramble eggs

    Stir fry together

    Add ramen


    Add sauce

    Cook until done.


  10. Interesting, I had no idea Macbooks could discern what wattage charger was connected to it.


    Double interesting, shelling out for 85w adapters was USELESS for my MBA, it doesnt take much more than 30w. Only benefit is the proper adapter for this laptop is 45w and used to get really freakin hot.

    coconut battery.png

  11. So, finally got around to fixing my 2014 MBA. Needed the board to be pulled and cleaned, due to some oxidization causing USB instability. Thats done, and im seriously considering if i REALLY need a 2020 air...


    This still feels plenty snappy, even inside my vanilla windows 10 VM.

  12. gah... im gonna hold out for the 13" MBP refresh. The new air looks SO close to being perfect, but as somebody who actually uses programs like VMWare Fusion on the go and very well may peg my CPU at 100% often I can't quite justify it at $1300 (EDU discount). Maybe if I could get some stupid deal and get a 4 core with 16GB RAM for $1100 I'd jump on it...?


    For the record, my now retired 2014 air held up VERY well with the above tasks. I was storage limited more than anything, since it was a 128GB model. But fusion ran great, final cut and resolve were fine (I do very light editing on the go, nothing crazy). I'm gonna daily my air again and see how it holds up to my current daily (thinkpad t430).

  13. God I really WISH the butterfly switch worked out. It felt so good to type on. I have spent a while writing on them and absolutely LOVED them.


    But, i've also written on the new "magic keyboard" and it felt great as well. Given the extra reliability of the magic keyboard, I'll take the trade off in the end.

  14. Is there an official case size cutoff for what is and isn't an SFF case?

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    2. Eschew


      The next largest case type, the mini-tower, is usually defined as a case that stands 12" - 18" tall. We could probably label cases that are shorter than 12" - 18" as SFFs? I couldn't find an exact size or volume cutoff for SFF cases, however. The general consensus seems to be a wishy-washy, "SFFs are smol."




  15. I just got my viper ultimate in. God i feel like an idiot for ever using my G903 now...

  16. Would anybody else be in the market for a dual chamber ITX PC case with single (splitter needed ofc) ATX PSU support? One chamber can hold a system with a GPU and the other can hold a system + HBA with a whole wack ton of hard drives?


    Just me? Im working on building it regardless :D

    1. soldier_ph


      Sounds interesting.

  17. Was just about to take logitech off my good brand list at the top of my signature, only to realize i forgot to put them there in the first place. Anyways, I will not be buying from them again.

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    2. SenKa


      @Eschew Lied to my face about fixing the double click issues that plague the G903, GPW, and other mice. Failed to honor warranty.


      Their products are great (the double click issue is Omiron's issue, not logi's directly), but once i get blatantly lied to TWICE in the span of 5 minutes on a phone call after waiting a half hour for the pleasure of aforementioned lying I just can't give that company any more of my business.


      Razer has treated me very well thus far, they are my current recommendation for peripherals (save for headsets, I have not used Razer's headsets at all and can't speak to them). If you like the G903 but want a mouse that will last more than 7 months of use (how long my SECOND G903 lasted. The one i have now), buy a Viper Ultimate. The way it handles charging is much more elegant than logi, the dongle can go in the mouse for travel, the sensor is of equal or better quality, the wireless latency is even lower than the G903/GPW (effectively identical to wired in every measurable way), AND the switches are optical and thus shouldn't trigger accidentally.


      NOTE: I am a claw gripper, with 19x11cm hands. YMMV with comfort.

    3. Eschew


      Whoa. Sorry to hear you had to deal with crap customer service.

      Thanks for replying, I appreciate the info! I hope the rest of your day/evening/night goes better. ?

    4. soldier_ph


      Nontheless I will be using their products for ever. Their MX Master Mouse series is the best Mouse ever, imho. 

  18. Aight, i know liquid screen protectors aren't all that great at protecting your screen, but i have found a use for them. My 11 Pro Max, which was scratched like crazy (micro scratches, the glass is very soft to these), now looks almost new with an application of $10 liquid glass i bought at walmart.


    100% reccomend. 

    1. Mira Yurizaki

      Mira Yurizaki

      So what you're saying is...  It's a scratch repairer :3


      Might consider getting some to make some buttons I bought that got scuffed up shiny again.

  19. Christmas season has me a bit drained, BUT i did replace my well-worn MM300 extended with an MM300 Medium. The full mousemat thing wasn't for me, but the medium size fits perfectly in my space.


    I will say, the quality has gone up since I bought my first like 2 years ago

  20. Ya boy got a 32" 1440P 144HZ HDR Curved monitor for christmas. Its a big boi and I love it

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    2. dizmo


      Ohhhh nice! I was looking at the LG versions of that monitor for a while.
      However I've pushed back my rig update for 5 or 6 months. So I'll just go straight to the 32:9 1440p.

    3. SenKa


      @dizmo Came from 32:9 1080p, gave it up because twitch streaming with ultrawides is buggy as all hell and does not work

    4. dizmo


      Ahh, not a problem I have ;)
      You could still play at 21:9 resolutions if you so desired, yes?

  21. Latest kick has been chasing records in Wreckfest, fitting as leaderboards were just reset due to track changes. High as #2 on some tracks, having lots of fun!

  22. Latitude E4200 is very usable on Windows 10 once you de-crapify it. It really is amazing how much a de-crapification does.

    1. soldier_ph


      Why are you on Windows anyways if I may ask ? Don't you want to move over to Linux someday ?

    2. SenKa


      @Pascal... I do, but it had Windows installed and I didn't feel like installing linux to be testing an unknown laptop.


      There is 1GB of soldered RAM on this laptop, and it is bad. No BSOD, but lots of screen corruption at random. I paid nothing for it, so a free MSATA SSD is nice.

    3. soldier_ph


      @SenKa Ah ok, I thought it was your personal laptop for a moment there. 

  23. Having issues getting a concrete answer, is the L9i better than a Corsair H50 in a case with a side panel intake?

  24. Public was not always italicized on this page. Anyways, on to important business. 



    1. ARikozuM
    2. SenKa


      Why is that more cursed than it should be

    3. ARikozuM


      It's from a cancelled Nickelodeon program? 

      @handymanshandle should be talking about it?


  25. Im almost certain specific iCloud bypass talk is against the rules.


    So all I'll say is its a thing of beauty and on an unrelated note that Saunders Tech is a pretty cool channel!


    DISCLAIMER: I did not steal any phone I iCloud bypass. They have not been marked as stolen in any database I could look at. iPhones allow you to remotely disable a phone even after it has been reset.