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  1. Just now, Purgent said:

    This is not correct.  A dongle is not needed.  You can point the mining software to any installed card.

    I said *may be needed* as I have had issues with it in the past and have found other examples of the same issue. Not specifically with mining, mind you (with other GPU compute workloads), but nowhere did I affirm OP *will* need a dongle. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, teeds said:

    I would personally buy the g102 because of the price. In my experience razer products last about 2 years, the logitech will probably last longer.


    1 minute ago, KiddoTech said:

    Objection. I used a G402 for 10 months and it stopped working. Not because of me braking it, but because the switch itself died. So get prepared to change your mouse switches (omron) every year or 2 if you go for l;Logitech 


    My experience mirrors KiddoTech's, with G903's. I went through three mice in 2.5 years with logi, I've now had my Viper Ultimate in the time it would have taken 2 of my G903's to die and am still on my first with no issues.

  3. Just now, Tigerleon said:

    Or maybe the HD 58x's which offer far better performance for the money. They also have more low end extension and bump and apparently sound better for more genres of music. These won't really need an amp but do benefit from one. 

    Better performance per dollar I can't speak to, but 580x's and their derivatives are fantastic for their price. 

  4. Sennheiser HD600's and a Fiio BTR-5 can be had for that easily. fantastic combo, it's what I use. Don't forget to buy a replacement cable for the sennheisers so that you can use the 3.5mm jack, or get a 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter.


    Other misc advice if you pick that combo:
    Apparently HD600's sound like trash with anything but the factory pads. So, if you need to replace them (like I did) buy those. They are easy to find and not very expensive.

    The cable only plugs in to the headphones one way, dont force it.

    If you read the spec sheet for the BTR-5, they do not rate it for the power output requirement of the HD600's. It is agreed upon the BTR-5 is fairly under-spec'd for what it can provide, so ignore the factory rating. It's fine

  5. quiet PSU fans and SFF dont tend to mix, unless you get a larger SFF case that supports a full ATX power supply (which doesn't seem to apply here). A smaller PSU means a smaller fan, smaller fans have to move faster (louder) to move enough air. Fanless ATX PSU's are not hard to find, ITX and smaller are not on the market.


    My school as a bunch of HP micro PC's, they are very quiet and decently quick.

  6. Quote

    I like the alternative design that looks like an W is great but I always thought the nazi aesthetic looks so cool, you become scared as you play the game and see all the flags. I wonder if it's banned in some countries and some aren't

    IIRC this is correct. I am almost certain you will get in big trouble in Germany. Mind you, in some countries and religions the swastika is a symbol of religion and peace. This was its original meaning. Spoilered is a brief history of the swastika and its history in germany, I suggest if you don't know it to read it.



    Far right nationalist groups in Europe in the 19th century used the symbol in their flags of a symbol of what they were fighting against.


    The nazi flag's colour scheme was chosen as the colour red was to represent the imperial German army (the army that fought against German democracy), and the swastika in the middle was a symbol of those against the "aryan race".



  7. 10 hours ago, PointFive said:

    Is there a 650 version? I only found a 600 and 750 watt version


    6 hours ago, Analog said:


    Don't thinks so. According to the Corsair website there are only the 600W and the 750W versions. They are good PSUs though. I have the 600W and it has been great for the past 4-5 years that I have had it, considering that I am pushing it quite hard. I had it power an overclocked 5960X and also an overclocked GTX 1080 in my previous rig. 

    oop. dont offer tech support right after a 10 mile bike ride with 100lbs of groceries i guess. I have the SF-600 gold, which is what i MEANT to recommend. I will actually be selling mine eventually, as i need the 750w version once they are back in stock.

  8. Seems im too early to see the warfare of "apple bad" vs "apple good" in the comments, but I'll put in my two cents as somebody who is certainly crotch deep in the ecosystem. In no specific order I own:
    2014 Macbook Air

    2011 Macbook Pro 13"

    iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Apple Watch Series 4

    iPad Pro 12.9" + Magic Keyboard + Apple Pencil

    Airpods Pro


    The only things im missing that I want are the apple card (I am aware so far as credit cards go it's nothing spectacular. but I use CC's as debit cards i pay once a month, so it doesn't matter), and the magsafe wallet. Notice the Airpods Max arent on that list. Thats because I don't wear over ears in public anymore, and Im very happy with my propods to the point where I can't justify $550 on headphones.


    I feel for *most* people, excluding those who use headphones as a fashion statement and those who just still think it's the early 2000's when over ears in public was a thing, the propods are probably the better buy. But, the airpods max seem super cool and I might buy them second hand in a year or two.

  9. 7 minutes ago, TempestCatto said:

    Can I just say, I find it distracting when the background music is too low? Maybe it's my ADHD, but my brain tries to listen to it and end up tuning out the presenter, then I miss the context of what's going on. There's a happy medium between the two, videos of yesteryear were pretty good about this. The overall music volume needs to come up a few clicks or so.

    Not just you! Mind you, I also have pretty bad ADHD.

  10. 22 hours ago, Deekith said:

    That's the same mouse I'm having issues with. My son has one as well and we both have had 2 replacements so far.. ridiculous.

    Unfortunately the warrenty doesnt renew with each new mouse. I gave up once the replacements quit being free, and bought a razer viper ultimate.


    Im a lefty, so i needed at the minimum an ambidextrous mouse with buttons on the right side. Sadly all the proper lefty mice have ceased production (Razer Deathadder left handed edition was my favorite, but mine died)