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  1. Yeah where did you hear that because I'm trying to find that out with alot of these laptops because that is just as important as what is in them if it's throttling then it's useless.
  2. I do like the customization with the Dell I really wish Razer had less of a price gap between the base and the advanced. I would totally pay an extra 150 for that vapor chamber but not 500 more.
  3. Yes but I need a laptop to take to class with me as well.
  4. Thanks! But if you were to choose a laptop which would you choose? I am just partial to Razer because I have used their products for a while now and I like the elegant design and build quality of the blade.
  5. Yeah but I don't have the funds for that and I'm going to want to game at school and not have a potato to do homework on.
  6. Hello! I am going off to college next year and I am considering the Razer Blade 15 as my workstation/gaming rig. I was initially going to build a computer and buy a cheap laptop but now I am leaning toward the Razer as an all-in-one deal for my work and play. I am only going to be doing an average amount of gaming (Maybe games like R6, BO4, BF5) and doing my schoolwork on it (Robotics engineering major) so I am really torn. I live about an hour away from the college and will be living there, however, I am most likely going to come home a lot during the weekends and I would not like
  7. Yes, it plugs into the CPU_FAN header and that is a great idea I'll try that thanks!
  8. Ok so I just was cleaning my system and getting it ready to sell by doing all the cable management and stuff so I moved my fans around and changed them between the headers. I have a phantom 240 case and in the back I have an exhaust fan then a radiator then another fan so it is a push/pull setup. So I had the case fan plugged into CHA_FAN2 and the radiator fan that is on the other side of the radiator plugged into CHA_FAN1 and my CPU temps were 70c at idle. But then i switched the fans on the motherboard and now the CPU temp is at 40c. I had both fans set to full power before and after I switc
  9. Alright thank you I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do because I have heard quite good reviews of that M22 but I will take all of this into consideration!
  10. So if I were to go with the 8700 (keep in mind this is probably going to last me 5+ years for college) are there any other problems with my build? Cooling, Case etc.
  11. Not beyond the Asus motherboard built in overclocking software for the CPU, I am going to use MSI Afterburner for the graphics card. So performance wise for $60 is it really worth it to go for an I5-8600K as opposed to an I7-8700? I also don't want to turn the PC into a heater for a small performace boost from an unlocked chip. If I have to upgrade the cooler for the unlocked chip then I don't see it as worth it.
  12. Yeah sorry i forgot to mention I have an ssd on hand as well as a 2tb hdd. In terms of performance would the difference between an i5 coffee lake and an i7 coffee lake be that substantial? Thanks!