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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to jonnyGURU in New power supply pop sound and Spark. HX 1000 Platinum   
    Wow.. Some interesting responses here.....
    The thing is, you only use the switch on the back of the PSU if you have to kill all power to the PC.  Otherwise, it should remain on.
    Recent "safety" standards require that the bulk cap drains whenever power is cut to the PSU.  What this also means is that bulk cap needs to be charged back up again when you turn that switch back on.  The large rush of current LITERALLY is so much that you have a visual spark and audible spark noise.
    There's nothing to diagnose if the PC is still working.  If you press the button on the case and it starts up, you're good.  And keep in mind that if you flip that switch off, the bulk cap drains, and then you flip it back on again, you're going to see/hear that inrush again and again until something actually DOES fail.
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from DildorTheDecent in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    Yeah that's what threw me off,
    The software said it was a 2080 super but after re-install it displayed the correct bios. GPU-z gives me the correct bios.
    The Thundermaster must have bugged out, my only question is whether or not it applied 2080 super settings to my 3070 in that time
    BTW, the card seems fine now, thankyou!
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to DildorTheDecent in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    Go through your process of what you done exactly.
    Process should have been:
    Acquire nvflash from tech power up Acquire BIOS file from tech power up Follow the guide and adapt to your GPU If the guide tells you to flash a 2000 series rom then don't do it. Use the file you got off tech power up for YOUR GPU. Adapt the guide to your needs.
    That vBIOS on the card doesn't appear to match any of the RTX 3070 files.
    Also, what does GPU-Z say? Don't rely on vendor supplied OC software.
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to DildorTheDecent in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    It's probably just an error on TPU's part.
    Even if you did flash the GameRock/OC BIOS it should be fine because the power connector layout matches. And the device IDs match so that's good.
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to FakeKGB in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    Then call them and ask.
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to ShrimpBrime in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    Does someone want to recover this card or what? 
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to DildorTheDecent in Palit send me a BIOS file that has broken my 3070   
    Find your BIOS here: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?architecture=NVIDIA&manufacturer=Palit&model=RTX+3070&interface=&memType=&memSize=&since=
    Flash with nvflash: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash/
    The flash process hasn't changed much from Kepler to Ampere so here's a guide: https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/how_to_flash_rtx_bios/
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from Moonzy in My 3070 won't load textures properly?   
    So I went into the apex config and found LOD scale. I set it to 1.0 and mad eth file read only. The issue is drastically reduced but still there slightly.
    Must be a bug, if it were my hardware then changing the LOD scale wouldn't have done that.  Guess the two games I tested don't like the 3070 yet or the issues haven't been discovered!!
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from -rascal- in APEX incompatible with 5600x?   
    So I solved my issue. My windows wasn't activated and the overlay must have been bugging out the application or something. That would also explain why it came on "over time", since the windows activation overlay does after 3 hours.
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Severe FPS problems on 5600x Latest chipset (another 5600x thread)   
    After a motherboard reset and fresh windows re-install to original windows 2017 chipset drivers I can confirm that my FPS is back to normal and there seems to be some major problem with the latest AMD drivers and FPS.
    hope this finds someone to test
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to Fasauceome in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    2666 is pretty slow, it seems Ryzen 5000 series CPUs are even more sensitive to ram speeds. 
    If you can't overclock your ram very far, you might want to consider purchasing a faster kit 
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to terminalinfinity in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    Do you have the latest chipset drivers installed?  
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to Grabhanem in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    46x is the single-core boost, 43x seems reasonable for all core. As to stutters, do you have your memory at full speed & dual channel?
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to boggy77 in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    ram in slots 2 and 4? getting it to run at xmp might improve things.
    also use hwinfo to monitor temps for both cpu and gpu
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to SpaceGhostC2C in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    Each of them may boost to 4.6 when they are the only core under load. But 4.6GHz is not the stock all-core boost clock. If you are hammering OCCT on all cores, then it's impressive you are not going all the way to the all-core base clock of 3.7, or at least closer to it. 4.3 in all cores while testing with OCCT is more than decent.
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to terminalinfinity in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is a software bug (like a driver issue) that doesn't interface with hardware reporting correctly.  I know a lot of the hardware monitors had reduced functionality when Zen 3 launched until they got patched. 
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to boggy77 in 5600x Faux FPS drops   
    no, those look fine. make sure ram is in slots 2 and 4 and try to get xmp working
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from E-ZoNe.. in Getting heavy input lag on mice again windows 10   
    I am getting what feels like V-sync globally enabled in all titles again on my PC. The inident happened the other day after a short light flickering in my house (power issues). I'm sure that was just a coincidence however, as that has happened before and nothing happened.
    I have DDU'd Nvidia and up[fate my drtivers.
    My mouse feels sluggish and input laggy in the new MW and other titles. I have 144fps and V-sync disabled (have tried globally disabling) low latency set to ultra, everything higher performance and my Fps is very high. 
    The mouse just isn't as responsive. I tried two other mice to no avail.
    What gives, is there any other option other than re-installing windows? Maybe there is some mouse options that I maybe missing. Pointer precision is unticked.
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from soldier_ph in Random unbelievable input lag.   
    Don't really want o re-install windows for thing alike this, I need to get to the root of it. Why is it suddenly happening. The game runs at above 140fps but there is horrendous input lag almost like v-sync is forced on.
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    OnlyAxolotl got a reaction from Haro in Accidentally booted new Ram at much lower speed, can it cause harm?   
    Thanks for the repsonses.
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    OnlyAxolotl reacted to Envit0 in V-sync forced in all games   
    Did it happen just recently? You changed some hardware or whats the crack?
    Easy to test. Set monitor refresh rate to 60, get to any game and see if fps goes above 60 or not. If it goes above 60, vsync is off and its something else that causing input lag. Or do the same with 144hz with any game that goes over 144fps.