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  1. Yeah I DDU'd in safe mode. Also it is persisting through clean windows re-installs. The thing that is baffling me is that it didn't happen with the same components when they arrived, but resetting the defaults clearly suggest software mot hardware. But how
  2. I am facing yet another very strange problem. Here I'm using heaven benchmark to test my PC. Unless I restore the 3d settings in the NVCP multiple times a day, games and benchmarks stutter A LOT. There is also huge screen tearing along with the stuttering. The stutters happen in exactly the same places on the heaven benchmark Upon defaulting NVCP the problem goes away. I have tried (yes really) 1. Re-installing windows with clean all command on 2 differnt' ssd's and M2 drives 2. Changing Mobo BIOS to stable and newer AEGSA betas
  3. Yeah I downloaded the file for gaming pro. My only issue is that Thundermaster said it was a 2080 super after the BIOS flash. Upon reinstalling the software, thunder master displayed the correct BIOS as 3070. Only wondering why it did that
  4. Yeah thunder master showed that after reboot. Upon re-install of thunder master it showed the correct bios. wondering why thats all, the card seems fine now.
  5. Yeah that's what threw me off, The software said it was a 2080 super but after re-install it displayed the correct bios. GPU-z gives me the correct bios. The Thundermaster must have bugged out, my only question is whether or not it applied 2080 super settings to my 3070 in that time BTW, the card seems fine now, thankyou!
  6. Hey so I flashed the card, Now when I am in Thundermaster it tells me the card is a 2080Super? The Flash bios ID was the same in the CMD. Should I be worried? EDIT: I reinstalled Thundermaster and it is now showing this. why was it showing the 2080 super before I re-installed, very odd?
  7. Thankyou I'll give it a go. Not sure if you saw my edit. When I go the verified Bios you mention it takes me to a picture of the Gamerock. Is that mistake or am I safe to flash? As I have the "Gaming pro"
  8. Thanks very much Going to the BIOS on their page. My previous BIOS number (before PALIT support) was - This doesn't seem to match the one on their page. -- This is the BIOS version Palit gave me (that was installed with their "file") ---94.04.3A.00.88 So should I go ahead? I also noticed on the VGA bios collection that when clicking on the "gaming pro" which is mine. It actually links the Gamerock?
  9. I don't see that happening, I have many security measures in place, their media email is media@palit.biz https://www.palit.com/palit/contact.php?lang=en
  10. Why would anyone go to the trouble of giving a DOS updater from BIOS that updated my bios file to scam me. You don't send emails to the correct location to receive emails back from another. Also sorry that was a typo support@palit.biz not Plait
  11. I contacted the official palit support email support@palit.com That's the email I received the file from is support@palit.biz and that's where they asked fore the SN ETC. How can it be a scam, its on their website listed.
  12. Because I was having issues with the cards power and hardware. I'm not getting a file off some forum
  13. Yeah, I contacted the official palit support email support@palit.com That's the email I received the file from is support@plait.biz and that's where they asked fore the SN ETC
  14. Long story short. I was having some trouble with my 3070 "BIOS updater" on their website. It stated that the BIOS didn't need to be updated. Palit sent me a file (with google drive btw, rather unprofessional) The new Bios has rendered my GPU unusable, it stutters constantly and performs badly. The file they gave me seems to be a much earlier version or for a different card entirely. I can't find the old bios file and have no idea how to update it, the BIOS "updater" says the same thing even when its not the same version number.