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  1. Actually yeah those carbon thermal pads have essentially and indefinite life span, not the most amazing thermal conductivity but certainly good enough considering zero maintenance.
  2. Arctic guarantees their MX-4 paste for 8 years. You could be looking at Arctic Silver 3 or 5 there, it's silvery, but it tens to dry up a bit over time though doesn't seem to lose it's effectiveness. Arctic and Arctic silver are NOT the same company or related products, confusing.
  3. Ah ok so KVM with a couple of hubs that have individual power switches for each port? I don't think there's a single device with all the features they're looking for.
  4. A KVM switch? You want to have one set of devices plugged into two different machines and switch between machines without plugging and unplugging things every time?
  5. $1 But seriously, used part prices are CRAZY right now, you could probably get 75% of what you paid for that setup new.
  6. Jesus do you even have any IRQ's left to assign?!? I recall running out once in Windows 98 on an old Gateway motherboard, had a PCI slot left but some onboard devices were conflicting, learned about disabling things you don't need like the parallel and serial ports to free up resources for other things like a better sound card with game port or an extra IDE card. Not that any of that is a problem anymore.
  7. With IDE/SD to PATA and SATA/PATA bridge cards being so cheap and SSD's being dirt cheap too I really don't have any need for hard drives under 256 GB anymore. I keep a couple around just to have but really...I don't need them. SATA is when I started experimenting with RAID on my Pentium 4 setup. SATA 150 was barely any faster than ATA 133 was but I had a decent RAID controller on the Asus board, sadly it was on some kind of PCI bus so it was still ham strung by that but if I bumped the PCI frequency I found that I could get a fair bit more speed out of the RAID 0 array and corrupt all my data
  8. I've got a nearly matched pair of the WD800's sitting behind me.
  9. I've heard of that one, I'll give them a shot. Going to try to figure it out myself. I'm hoping the single connector sensor is a TPS sensor and not s close throttle sensor for idle. If it is I'll have to look up the specs for the M30 sensor and see if it's the same as the Q45 TPS or what. Need the weird screws too but I can work around that somehow, I'm creative at fabricobblin.
  10. I have some pretty weird Nissan/Infiniti TPS questions, what's a good Nissan/Infiniti forum to ask on? I have a Q45 throttle body with a busted TPS, the style with a connector and harness. Ordered a Q45 TPS and got one without a harness and a different connector. Trying to figure out what's going on here, what I took off looks more like a M30 TPS than Q45 parts listed except when I look up service info it talks about two TPS outputs. I'm going to check the new one I got against both sets of terminals on the broken one tonight with my meter to see what's what but I need to figure ou
  11. X and L Ubuntu are a bit lighter and I think there's even more stripped ones that are still user friendly.
  12. Xubuntu 20.04 runs smoothly on an Atom 2 core 1.6ghz with 2GB ram. But yeah, it's gotten fatter.