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  1. usually if you were using let say Edge or Chrome and you download a file. you will see the link of website below the file itself. so if you want to got o download page or visiting website you just have to click on it. well i download file in safari and i forgot which website it came from. any idea how i can find the source? there are no web download source in Safari History
  2. that ugly psu. who the hell use below 300W. buy CX 2017 grey 450W at minimum . or 550w for future upgradibility, both from corsair. or any other equivalent PSU.
  3. @GDRRiley @Electronics Wizardy i feel like i bought wrong bulb type and when i plug it. It’S stuttering. When i lowet it down using 13W bulb is fine
  4. @Electronics Wizardy so the reflector for fill light. a dimmable LED then. anything you want add?
  5. @Electronics Wizardy forgot to mention my room is small. is reflector okay? and 100wCFL equal to 60W. doesnt it like super bright? i never used softbox before yeah that whats in my mind the color can be adjust later on
  6. so i have plan to record stuff on my desk. currently im using phone and overhead tripod works fine. but one issue is the lighting. i bought a Softbox with E27 socket (1). but i dont know how much lumen should i put inside the bulb. Room Condition: - one softbox wuth 45 degree angle - night lamp 4W 3000K. - no natural light, i close my window when record. - Ceiling light is bad. 6500K 13W and no filter. never use it. Q: 1) does one softbox enough? 2) how much lumen should i put 3) how about color temprature? daylight, warm white. o
  7. stop oc monitor not worth. i have 75HZ monitor for less than 100$ from LG forgot the name. with freesync and IPS. and LCD panel
  8. basically could be both CPu and ram problem. but probably he is running SIngle channel
  9. choose the one that is comfortable for eyes'
  10. tbh the imac 2018 better tho. for price. if it were only general use there are lot of plenty AIO out there who were cheaper
  11. Budget (including currency): 200USD / 3 Million IDR Country: Indonesia . Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Server 24/7 Music loop on youtube I want to build a Server for streaming 24/7 music loop. like ChilledCow etc. any ideas what should i get? as far as i know i dont need high-end server. and also how is the watt consumption? im thinking maybe athlon with 4Gb ram and cheap ssd would be sufficient.