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    8GB 2333mhz Single-channel
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    MX150 4GB [ 25W ]
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    120 SSD with 1TB HDD
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    1080P 60Hz
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    MK220 Logitech
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    JBL 450BT
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    Win 10 64Bit
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    Asus Vivbook S140UN

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  1. doesn"t usually local store has something like recommended build? like you say the budget and they build it for you?
  2. anykind of movie playback will use Intergrated GPU and is sufficient. lagging means software problem
  3. always bubble warp. last time i order Wasabi Battery for my camera, the courier throw it to my door....
  4. i dont think its neccasry tho. just save the money. or buy one 1440p monitor perhaps. idk about PSU
  5. well if you are mobile then EGPU is good. but keep in mind that the dock also cost much money. and also if the data high usage then it will be bottleneck, and i dont know how the impact of egpu wuth rendering CAD. if your laptop still runs good then egpu is okay tho.
  6. for minecraft is depend . but for money... no
  7. 550w is enough but we reccomend 650w for more rooom or for upgradbility
  8. i nevr heard of CV. but CX 2017 grey or CXM or TXM is much better. always invest more in psu 650W is enough