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    8GB 2333mhz Single-channel
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    MX150 4GB [ 25W ]
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    120 SSD with 1TB HDD
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    1080P 60Hz
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    MK220 Logitech
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    MK220 Logitech
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    JBL 450BT
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    Win 10 64Bit
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    Asus Vivbook S140UN

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  1. 300 for cpu and gpu .what is your sistem. what game res setting and fps. etc
  2. check task manager as simplest hat there mightbe malware or unknown app putting hihg usage
  3. you can add 40$ more for samsung 970
  4. my 7 years ASUS GT650M and i7 overehat to the point beyond 100C re-applied and i get 94C. 3 years is okay. your sistem rise because modern games demand more and the hardware start to lose some power. remember that anything that moves mechanically or run through by electricity will wear out evetually.
  5. it will be bottleneck and forget about fps even if it reach 144 which is unlikely. it will have a lot of SPIKE
  6. A320M is AM4 and support 3 series. although i suggest at maximum upgrade would be up to ryzen 5. the rest might need B450 at least just to be safe
  7. ill go with AMD with fututre upgrade path and cheaper if you build it carefully. second a INTEL without Intelgrpahic prettymuch useless imo.