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    Chennai, IN
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  • CPU
    Ryzen 1600x
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    Asus B350m-k
  • RAM
    8GB DDR4 2400 vengeance LPX
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 6GB
  • Case
    Corsair Spec 04
  • Storage
    Kingston A2000 250G NVME + 1 TB + 500GB HDDs
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    Corsair VS450
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    Some acer 144Hz 1080p display
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    Cooler master Hyper 212 Turbo
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    Logitech G203 Prodigy
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    HyperX Cloud Silver
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    Win 10

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  1. Dem1se

    Will this fit

    It probably will, considering it's a 120 mil fan, that also has a heatsink block on the bottom, which should help the wider part clear the IO and the memory modules. I mean look at that thing, the top section is not that much wider than the bottom, which is obviously socket size compatible. So following that logic, yes, It should almost certainly fit in between the IO and the standard profile DIMMs. Of course, the whole logic sits on the assumption that the cooler is socket compatible for the board.
  2. Lol just watched it, it's like 5 frames at best of Linus fumbling in a HMD. I'm pretty sure this is nothing. Nice find tho.
  3. LOLL How the FUCKKKK?? I read this forum post and then guess what: I duckduckgo'd the discord user and guess what post turned up! What a small world we live in. BTW: He got the discord users from the r/Steam public server, I already contacted the mods and the quickly banned this account from the server, tho I doubt it will help anything. They'll just keep creating new burner accounts.
  4. Well... they have the demographics data you know, and they realize they have a majority US audience and are hence making sure they understand the metrics.
  5. Yeah, congrats man! Last WAN show linus talked about a BUNCH of these giveaways and he told to contact support if you receive anything different that what you ordered. You should watch the last WAN show to find out which one you received. The chat said the shirts were gonna be in someone's mom's closet waiting for christmas, glad to know someone who's gonna actually understand the significance got it.
  6. Yeah at that point won't it make sense to just scour the internet for an old DSi just for replaying the old titles and it might make a lot more sense cost wise.
  7. I mean, what's the point of asking this question you know. If you have a Pi, you might as well set it up and try it, and if it's performance is not satisfactory you could do things like reducing the render distance and other good stuff. So just trying it out and asking how to improve the performance on a low spec machine would've been a better question tbh. Simply, yes. Would it be playable? it's for you to try and figure out. Don't use vanilla and use something more optimised (Paper?), and also change the server.properties to be a bit more practical.
  8. wendall from level1techs (and level1linux) also suggests running a windows VM inside of linux with a hardware passthrough for gaming on linux instead of using things like wine or the wine based proton for gaming, and he uses his personal machine like that too apparently. So what you ask for isn't the worst idea, and in fact, it's probably the best solution to get windows only programs or games running on a linux machine, if that's what you're after. if your hardware is good enough to run a Windows VM, then yeah, whatever issue you're having with running DRM / anticheat protect
  9. Yeah, as others said, you either need to reset your browser or try another one first. Also, if you neighbor was using the wifi, what's the point of tracking it down, wont a credential change be enough, both on the gateway and the wifi password. Since you talked about it being an issue only on certain sites it's probably not a system wide issue like slow storage media or running out of memory, its prolly just an extension/browser thing and Firefox at least provides a reset button to get a fresh start. Don't know about chrome.
  10. I'm pretty sure that he meant about making something like what you mentioned where you add some ventilation to a cabinet. He mentioned an even simpler solution where you just add something like chassis fans to an existing cabinet to improve the airflow. What you linked looks a bit more advanced and expensive. I don't really see the difference between making a new cabinet and retrofitting an existing one, I'm sure LTT is a tech channel and not a woodworking channel, so they are obviously on the same page as you on this.
  11. It's somethings to keep on in third person single player games like tomb raider maybe, but anyone that plays competitive games like csgo is going to turn it off since it makes tracking your shots on a moving target that much harder, and flicks are almost impossible with motion blur. I used to play with motion blur on when I was playing on a old laptop but ultimately, I realized that I was losing out on a ton of details if I had it on once I built a PC. So I turn it off if I see it most of the time now. Regardless, I get it why someone would want to use it, it is very cinematic afterall.
  12. Firefox as I appreciate the open-source and privacy first approach, and I want to support the non-profit model. It's also basically the same as chrome in terms of functionality, and also works well across my phone and my PC. Things like send tab to device are really useful to me. Also some of my time is spent on old web 1.0 sites for old sdks and software libraries that are impossible to read without the Firefox reader view. I also moved away from a lot of google products, leaving youtube as the only service of theirs that I really use a lot (but im eyeing at freetube pro
  13. As an Indian, all I can tell is no one except the political fans of the current government are going to try this shit. The current government has already made tons of apps that are not so popular outside of those circles, and there's no possibility of them making a better product than the playstore. If massive tech companies like Samsung fail to make good app stores, I don't see how the Indian government (hell, any government) can make a better service considering the fact that every government around the world is know for being decades behind in terms of tech, and the Indian governm
  14. Hmmmm, I remembered Luke say that the forum job would be based on React, but I guess that was for lltstore.com and I misheard/misremembered. PHP eh? good luck bois. Edit: It was in the WAN show where he talked about two projects that they needed help for, one (paid) for lttstore.com using React and the other was the voluntary Forum project. I misremembered that forum was built on React, ofc its not, my bad .
  15. Windows has the feature where you can set how long does a hard drive idles before it powers off, after which any data accesses will require a drive spin-up. Now we all know that every HDD much like people only have a limited number of hours in them before they fail. So a feature like this is definitely appreciated, especially for those of us that love to keep our PC running 24/7. Windows defaults the setting to 20 minutes across all the power plans, which looks like a good default, but have you ever found yourself increasing the duration or even lower it? To me initially It felt like havi