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    kingblook got a reaction from MAXXPRO in installed new RAM and now everything has gone to heck   
    so my razer synapse still isnt detecting my peripherals but that might just be a problem with razer because everything else has been working fine ever since i tried this. thanks dude ūüôā
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    kingblook reacted to Daniel644 in is my psu dead?   
    he's trying to "test" the PSU by using an included jumper to cause a power on signal to be sent to the PSU without connecting everything, basically a try it before you install it and cable manage it. there are jumpers that come included with some brands of PSU's so you can do this power on test before connecting it to hardware, but it's frankly a pointless test, just connect to the system and test it that way, those jumpers do come in handy when you want to fill a water loop, you can use the jumper to the 24 pin plug (and NOT have the 24 pin plug in the motherboard) so the system won't power up while you run the pump.
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    kingblook reacted to aHappyPug in best cooling option for the i7-8700k?   
    Do it! Can't go wrong, and you will be happy that you did. But, then again the Noctua is an amazing cooler too! In the end its all up to you and what makes you happy. Honestly, either way you can't go wrong. Each product has their pros and cons. You just have to pick one that fits your needs.
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    kingblook got a reaction from IdiotPenguin in best cooling option for the i7-8700k?   
    probably gonna go with the dark rock pro 4. i like the looks of it a lot. thanks for all the suggestions!
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    kingblook reacted to Firewrath9 in best cooling option for the i7-8700k?   
    a dark rock 4 or the cryorig ultimate r1 or h1 or whatever1. i would recommend a 240 aio like a h100 or a clc 240, the pumps dont actually break that often and look. cool.
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    kingblook got a reaction from Firewrath9 in best cooling option for the i7-8700k?   
    i'm definitely doing most of my shopping online. the only parts i'm gonna grab in person will either be from my local best buy or micro center, but (for a majority of the parts) the prices are higher in stores than they are on amazon and newegg.
    i'm most likely getting the corsair 275r tempered glass case, and i plan on getting 2x8gb corsair vengeance RAM.
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    kingblook reacted to IdiotPenguin in best cooling option for the i7-8700k?   
    Dark Rock Pro 4. Top end Air coolers match high end AIO's so it's really between cost and looks. As for overclocking if you're not gonna oc it past turbo I wouldn't do it anyways but if you wanna do it for the learning experience or something then go ahead. Make sure everything fits in nicely and there won't be any components getting in the way of each other (like if the air cooler will actually fit in your case as well as ram clearance and whatnot)
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    kingblook got a reaction from TVwazhere in making a non-rgb case rgb?   
    this is great advice, thank you! i think i'll probably approach it by starting with rgb fans and adding led strips later, if i think they're needed.
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    kingblook got a reaction from ErykYT3 in good rgb cases?   
    the spec omega rgb is absolutely what i want visually but sadly i don't think i can ignore the flaws in it. especially since i'm gonna be using this pc for gaming. i'll definitely look at the NZXT cases though, i've seen them around a lot!