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  1. so my razer synapse still isnt detecting my peripherals but that might just be a problem with razer because everything else has been working fine ever since i tried this. thanks dude
  2. i currently have the original 16gb of RAM in, the 2666mhz, and nothing else, yet i'm still having at least one of these problems (razer synapse not detecting my peripherals). i did look at the timings on the RAM though. the original set is 16-18-18-35, while the new one is 16-18-18-36. i honestly don't know anything about timings so i don't know if this would have any effect. again, the original set of RAM is the only one that's in as i type this, so those two sticks have the same timings.
  3. built my pc about two and a half years ago. started out with 16gb (2 x 8gb) corsair vengeance rgb pro. that set was 2666mhz, got another 16 gb tonight as a gift (also corsair vengeance rgb pro), which is 3200mhz. i knew that the speed would automatically drop to 2666, but thats fine, it was a gift, etc. cleaned the dust out of my pc, put the RAM in, and ever since things have gone wrong. task manager and BIOS both say i have 32gb of ram, and the ram is being detected by icue, so it's working. but i have no clue what's up. i've updated windows. i've updated my drivers. i've restarte
  4. yeah, i have razer synapse. plus, i can tell whenever synapse boots up (usually a couple seconds after windows boots) because my keyboard switches from rainbow to my normal blue setting, so unless there's a problem with my synapse i feel like it should be working fine
  5. unfortunately the only connection it has is usb. i could probably buy a usb to aux, but if that's the case then i'll probably just try to get a replacement.
  6. so i've owned razer krakens for years- i got my first pair nearly 6 years ago. the first pair was great, then i upgraded to a chroma pair, which was also great, i loved them for 4 good years... untillll i (foolishly) put them on the floor and proceeded to step on them. basically, after breaking them, i had to upgrade from the razer kraken 7.1 chroma to the razer kraken 7.1 chroma v2. i was hoping that, like the original 7.1, i would never have problems with them, and they've worked great until about a month ago. i had them plugged into a usb 2.0, and it worked fine for over a year.
  7. this is my first pc build. everything is going great, my system is up and running! i installed windows 10 on the ssd, but i'm wondering if there's any way for me to keep windows on the ssd, but make my hdd the primary storage. my ssd only has 250 gb, and i don't want everything auto-downloading to it. i tried to just move my "program files" folder onto the hdd (since to my knowledge, a lot of programs like steam automatically download and keep save data in there) but i got the error 0x80070057. is there any way to make my hdd the primary hard drive? or am i just stuck with this? my current set
  8. it all worked out, my psu works and my pc is up and running! thanks for all the advice
  9. the psu wasn't plugged into any of the pc components, it was just a test using the fake 24-pin connector that they provided specifically for tests. i'm going to try to plug it into the actual pc tomorrow.
  10. i really hope youre right about the fan! i think i'm gonna go ahead and install it tomorrow and pray that the pc powers on. i'll just connect the important cables to the motherboard and test it like that, rather than fully installing it. that way i can just unplug it and install it correctly after i know it isn't broken!
  11. i'm building my very first pc and i was doing alright until i got to the power supply. it's an evga BQ 650w. when i went to test it, i plugged it in and turned it on, but the fan didn't come on. it started to move, but would just end up shifting slightly forwards, then slightly backwards. it's hard to explain. after trying it a few more times, then i turned it on and it didn't move at all. what could be wrong? my fan doesn't have an eco mode, but it does have "quiet and intelligent auto fans". does this prevent the fan from spinning if it isn't under load? also, the power cable is sl
  12. i'd think that with new gpu releases the prices would go down, but even if they did... i still don't see the gtx 1070 going down to $350. and with that article you linked, sounds like there's a chance they won't go down at all. i'm not sure about used ones, i'd maybe consider it but i'm definitely trying to find good deals on new ones first. i know it's not a huge sale but most 1070s i see are 400-500 dollars and i feel like i should just get it. guess i'm gonna think about it some more.
  13. long story short, i was planning on getting all my pc parts at the same time to make sure i could return them (if for some reason they didn't work). but right now at best buy, the gtx 1070 is on sale for only $350 usd. i've never seen a gtx 1070 on sale for that cheap and considering it's the most expensive part of my build, i'd like to take advantage of it. but i have no idea when i'll have all the other parts. it could be 3 weeks, it could be 3 months. maybe longer, but i doubt it. either way, it'll definitely be outside of best buy's return period, but if something is wrong with it, nvidia
  14. i've actually heard that before about corsair, that they replace all damaged hardware as long as it was a defective product. which also makes me feel much better about trying liquid cooling. on amazon the h100i v2 is on sale for the same price as the air cooler i was gonna get in the first place, so i might as well look into it.
  15. honestly, water cooling is very tempting. i like the aesthetics of it a lot. but i don't know what i'd do if it ever leaked, i know it's not common but it feels like a risk i don't want to take. but hearing that you've never had a problem with it, even in your first build, does reassure me a little bit!
  16. i was planning on getting the normal lpx, but part of me does want the rgb ram. sounds like the fan would overhang/block it even if i raised the fan though, so i'm not sure it's worth it. i'll definitely look at the dark rock 4 too
  17. probably gonna go with the dark rock pro 4. i like the looks of it a lot. thanks for all the suggestions!
  18. i'm definitely doing most of my shopping online. the only parts i'm gonna grab in person will either be from my local best buy or micro center, but (for a majority of the parts) the prices are higher in stores than they are on amazon and newegg. i'm most likely getting the corsair 275r tempered glass case, and i plan on getting 2x8gb corsair vengeance RAM.
  19. this is my first build and i've looked at a lot of cooling options but i'm not sure what to go with. i've heard that the i7-8700k runs pretty hot. i've seen a few people say that air cooling is fine if you aren't overclocking it too hard. the problem is, i have no idea how much i'll overclock it. i'm pretty sure that i won't go over the turbo speed (4.7 GHz), but i'm still not sure what type of cooler to use. i know liquid cooling is definitely one of the best options for an overclocking cpu, but since this is my first build i'm not sure i'm comfortable with it. it's not just leaks that i'm wo
  20. this is great advice, thank you! i think i'll probably approach it by starting with rgb fans and adding led strips later, if i think they're needed.
  21. yesterday i posted a topic asking for rgb case recommendations. i still haven't found one that i love yet, so i'm thinking about how i can make a normal case (with a tempered glass panel) rgb. i know it's possible, installing led strips seems like the most common way to go. but i'm wondering if there are any other ways to go. for example, could i install 2-3 rgb case fans and have those be enough to light up the entire case? this is my first build so i don't really know if that would work or not. i'd really appreciate everyone's thoughts/previous experience!
  22. the spec omega rgb is absolutely what i want visually but sadly i don't think i can ignore the flaws in it. especially since i'm gonna be using this pc for gaming. i'll definitely look at the NZXT cases though, i've seen them around a lot!
  23. i'm building my first pc and i'm really not sure what to go with. all i know is that aesthetics are very important to me so i know that i for sure want an tempered glass w/ rgb case. i've looked at the corsair spec omega, and i'm in love with the design, but it seems to have problems with airflow/ventilation. please feel free to not only suggest good cases, but also brand names. i've never heard of a lot of these companies that make high end cases and i'd really like to hear which ones make quality products