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  1. you know what fuck this shit fuck this technology fuck it all, im just going to watch birds through a pair a binoculars fuck video games i'm out
  2. Can i not set my gpu fans to not spin until it hits a set temp? because i freaking tried everything except selling my soul to the freaking devil and it's still not working. rtx 2070 super GPU Tweak2 V2.0.3.1 fans set to 22% at 50*Cel fuckers are running at 22% at 30*Cel WTF! I'm cursed, i refuse to have kids. Why Me?
  3. I watched all the videos and none have my particular problem, my pc doesn't boot loop or randomly shutdown or start up and never work again. Only when i cut the main power switch from the psu, and then turn the psu switch back on, then hit the power button on my case, it comes on for 1 sec goes off then comes on again, then it's fine. After this weird thing i can go to windows and shut down and power up 1000x just fine. Is this the new norm for new some new computers?
  4. Aye yeah nice to know it being done, i should have included i want to be able to still see the lights on my fans.
  5. I Have the stock dust filters on my Corsair 570x case and was thinking if i would get better airflow with similar dust catchyness results from a different material. I'm only finding PVC PC Fan Dust Air Filter Computer Case Mesh 120x120mm on ebay. I thought there would be a market for this area and even some made with rgb for kicks and giggles. I will give it a try but if someone can let me know of some unforeseen danger im not catching like dust please let me know.
  6. I found the problem. It is the light bar it self. I will post a link to the info, other people are having the same issue with the same card. Basically i need to find someone selling a new light bar, Hope this helps somebody. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?99996-Strange-issue-with-1070-Strix-RGB-LEDs&p=739568&posted=1#post739568 https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?103323-GTX-1080ti-STRIX-LED-Problem
  7. Just noticed this the other day, it has been fine since i had it almost 2 years now. I can't tell if one side is dimming or has gone out completely and is being slightly illuminated by the brightness of the other side. Either way it's bugging the crap out of me.
  8. You do You friend, I'm happy with what i got and how it will perform. Thanks for helping me in clarifying this confusion i had.
  9. They done the keys wrong? But you say it will still work, man this is stress. Um many reasons why this drive, aside from the good reviews and the name, price, i like the fact that it is still faster than SATA and only half the speeds of a standard NVME (i really wont benefit from the full speed anyway) and i'm banking on it will be half the heat issue as well.
  10. The perfect place to ask this burning question. First let me explain why i am asking, i have a ASUS Maximus X Hero Z370 which has 2 slots integrated on the MB for a M.2 SSD 1 slot is both SATA and PCIe NVME compatible, the other slot is only for PCIe NVME. My first slot the one that goes both ways has a M.2 SATA3. My second slot has a "Corsair Force MP300 M.2 2280 960GB PCI-Express 3.0 x2, NVME 1.3 3D TLC" Now when i bought this i only read "M.2 PCIe NVME" and i thought my set up is complete. Here is the question, look at the interface of the claimed PCIe NVME from Corsair, it clearl