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  1. With already having a 2080, I'd really advise upgrading CPU before GPU.
  2. I had the 8320. And yes it was. Sell the FX get Intel
  3. The games you mentioned are CPU bound so yes the only way to increase performance is upgrade your CPU. I switched from a 8320 to a 4690k and love it, no regrets. Only thing I regret is buyin the FX in the first place. Definitely go for an i5 or i7
  4. Turn shadow distance and God rays to medium if you haven't already. Your CPU/RAM are fine. I have a 4690K at stock 3.9 and runs the game solid 60 with everything maxed besides those two settings.
  5. Windows will also do it automatically in a month I believe
  6. Yep it's the CPU, has horrible single core performance which skyrim loves. My old FX8320 did the same thing. Would drop to 40fps making it an awful experience. Switch to the i5 4690k and never drops below 60. Trust me I regretted my FX purchase also, but I just sold both the CPU and Mobo and got the i5 I couldn't be happier now.
  7. Uh what? It has been proven on this forum many times that it indeed does bottleneck many single card configurations. OP you're honestly better off just upgrading To a new CPU and GPU.
  8. I have it on a 7200rpm WD Blue, No stutters. Your specs seem fine. It has to be something else. Make sure you have the latest drivers, clean of viruses, and nothing running in the back ground. How long since you refreshed your windows? Your specs are close to mine. Ultra settings around 90FPS average on my specs for reference all stock clocks playing smooth. I5 4690K 8GB Ram 970 HDD
  9. Wow haha. I figured as much. Way to make people stress out about not having enough RAM EA.
  10. I'm really curious as well. My guess would be around 5-6GB.
  11. Could you screen shot your ram usage? To show 16GB isn't required.
  12. Looks really disappointing compared to the original Battlefront games. I feel bad for all the people who missed out on those. All graphics no gameplay or content.
  13. That would benefit you more than upgrading CPUs. You wouldn't see any difference in real world performance going with the 6600K.
  14. Vrbas

    Batman is back!

    Heard a lot of complaints that the patch doesn't fix anything.
  15. If you didn't install a fresh copy of windows 10 it could be anything.
  16. What is the price of the 6600k for you? Where I'm at the 6600k is 269$ And the i7 4790K is $279. So you might want to check on that. The 4790K is a beast CPU. You might as well go for that. No point getting an i5 when you can get an i7 for $10 more.
  17. Nope they don't. Same topic everyday with the same answers lol.
  18. Yeah need to change the title that is false news. Very misleading.
  19. Some G1 970 can overclock to the performance of a stock 980. No where near a 980ti tho.
  20. Need to wait and buy the $60 DLC Skin pack called "Battlefront". That will allow you to play Third person.
  21. Played this game for 120 hours with no stutters. After these recent patches I now get random stutters especially when the cops are on me. I reverted back to the GTA V Nvidia drivers, helped a little but some stuttering is still there.
  22. This is why I buy these kind of games months later. 1 cheaper. 2 you get the finished game without having to replay it.