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  1. this started happening recently , when my pc is in idle like i'm not doing or running anything, my graphics card temps would just rise up to 55 degrees celcius and then the fans would start reving up until it cools down again, this happens at random times, i can't figure out what is causing this to happen, please help. Specs : 18gb HyperX Fury ddr4 asus ROG Rx570 4gb asrock a320m-hdv Coolermaster masterwatt 550W 1TB western digital hdd
  2. I’ve tried 16gigs and it’s still the same sadly.
  3. Ah ,I do have a problem with the ram actually , it’s 3200mhz and sometimes it causes bsod when I play games, this doesn’t happen when I switch to a different one. Do I need to clock it down to 3000mhz? Sorry if that’s a noob question.
  4. Hmm I see. Is the mobo upgrade a must? The processors use the same socket so I thought I’d just stick with the mobo I have right now.
  5. 1080p 50-60fps, under $200 usd mobo is ASROCK A320M-HDV
  6. My current specs : mobo : ASROCK A320M-HDV RAM : HyperX Fury 8GB Gpu : Asus Rog rx570 4GB psu : Coolermaster MasterWatt 550
  7. Guys my ryzen 3 2200g is bottlenecking my rx570 when I play AAA games, can you suggest me a few other ryzen processors to upgrade to that will not bottleneck my gpu? Preferably not too expensive. Thanks
  8. Update : I’ve fixed the issue, you guys were right it was a faulty PSU. thank you to everyone who helped ?
  9. Ohh okay, I’ll try it out tomorrow. Thank you.
  10. Okay I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thank you.
  11. I haven’t tried to drop the power target but like that’s not something that I should do right? I mean I have enough power for the graphics card. And the cpu cabinet does have a front mesh but there’s also a flat plastic cover on top of it. The case I guess doesn’t have the best airflow
  12. Idle it’s between 30-40°C, while gaming I’m not sure cause I can’t find a program that can show the temps for ryzen CPUs. Msi afterburner can’t show temps for it either for some reason.
  13. So I recently built a budget pc ,the other day I got a Saphire Rx 570 but the card keeps overheating when playing AAA games ,I thought that it might be a faulty card so I returned it and got an Asus ROG RX 570. The same thing happens, after a while of gaming ,the card got to 75°C ,the fans got really loud and the PC shuts off. I have one exhaust fan on the back and one intake fan on the front. What could be the problem? Is the graphics card placement too close to the PSU? that area with the grills right below the graphics card does get hot when gaming. Could it be that there isn’t enough cold
  14. Did you ever fixed it? I'm facing the same problem with my razer blackwidow x