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  1. here is the bios, it doesnt say that im running in dual channel & whwhen gaming the RAM only goes up to 1750mhz
  2. yes, im using msi afterburner and when im in game i shows Memory : 1750mhz, the gpu is at 1350mhz.
  3. I can't seem to get dual channel to work on my build. I have enabled XMP in the bios. But when I check on the main bios page it doesn't say that i'm on dual channel (like on this screenshot) it shows both the RAM sticks but it doesn't say dual channel. I'm running a ryzen 3 2200g, hyperX fury RAM 2666mhz 2x8GB and a Asrock a320m hdv r4 mobo. The board supports dual channel I've checked. The bios has been updated as well. The RAM is also running only at 1333mhz when i check on cpu-z. When playing GTA V the RAM maxes out at 1750mhz. Is that normal? I can barely keep 30fps. Specs: Ryzen
  4. I have one extra stick of RAM but its not a hyperX one. I tried using it along with the hyperX with XMP disabled, both were running at 2400mhz. There was no difference in performance. Should I just by another hyperX stick?
  5. so back to square one. Im so close to throwing this thing out the window.
  6. ive done all this and still the same. XMP caused my games to crash so i disabled it. So i'm back to square one. sigh
  7. i see, so should i just get another stick and use dual channel?
  8. i enabled xnp and the Memory frequency switched from auto to 2666mhz and now my games keep crashing.
  9. yes i am 100% sure the monitor is plugged to the gpu.
  10. Please help, I don't understand why my PC is underperforming so much. My cinebench score is 1311 which is pretty close to the other systems of the same specs in the results which is 1344. I also checked gpucheck. com and it shows that my build should have no problem running games like battlefield 1 at 1080p. However my PC can barely run it, the game is barely playable, i get around 25-30fps at 1080p, even on low settings the game is not playable. I have tried different version of drivers with no improvement at all. Even GTA V which is a pretty old game by now struggle to reach 60 fps at high s
  11. do you know what could be cause it to underperform so much?
  12. xmp is enabled yes. Edit: I enabled it but on the "Memory Frequency" option i left it on Auto.
  13. Sorry I’m a newbie to all this. I meant I borrowed the ram from my friend cause he has the same one, so I had to give it back. My cpu temps when gaming is around 70°C and my gpu is 50-60°C. The cpu usage when gaming is 100% but the gpu usage is barely reaching 60%
  14. single, i tried dual but it didn't really help.
  15. I got this PC last year, usually i only play league of legends so performance was always good. But recently i tried playing battlefiled 1 and it was literally unplayable, it can barely reach 30fps. GTA V is also getting really bad fps, around 30-45fps. My drivers are up to date. I just can't figure out whats wrong. Please help Specs : mobo - asrock a320m-hdv r4.0 Graphics card = Asus ROG Rx570 4GB RAM - Hyper Fury X 8GB HDD - 1TB Western digital SSD (boot drive) - 256GB PSU - Cooler master Masterwatt 550W
  16. Hi , planning to move my build to a small portable case , can you guys suggest me one? Along with the psu that will fit it? I’m planning to use the same components except for the psu. Current specs: Asrock A320m hdv R4.0 asus rog rx 570 coolermaster master watt 550W fury X ddr4 8gb 512gb SSD western digital thanks!
  17. i got two of the coolermaster sickleflow x 120mm fans for free however they are super loud. These are 3 pin fans so is there anyway to lower their speed to make them more quiet?
  18. I have an rx570, in other games i can take screenshots and record gameplay just fine using the Radeon software but not in Assetto Corsa, for some reason it just won't work at all. Any suggestions? thanks.
  19. I'm pretty sure i'm plugged in the GPU and not the mobo.
  20. not really, only spotify and razer synapse. I tested it with another game, Sekiro shadow dies twice and same issue.
  21. I built this PC over a year ago but since i usually only play league of legends, performance was never an issue until today when i tried to play battlefield 1. The game is unplayable even on the lowest settings. Could it be a bottle neck issue? my CPU usage when playing battlefield 1 is 100% while my GPU usage is barely 50%. My old acer nitro 5 can play this game better and it only has a gtx 1050. My specs are : CPU - Ryzen 2200g GPU - rx570 4GB SSD - 256gb Western digital (boot drive) HDD - 1TB western digital (my games are installed here) RAM - Hy