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    AMD FX-8320 @ 4.3GHz
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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2
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    32GB Kingston HyperX Fury
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1050 Ti 4GB
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    480GB SSD, 2TB HD
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    850 Watt Seasonic
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    2x 22" Acer B226WL @ 75Hz
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    Noctua U9S
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    IBM XT Model F (1981)
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    Lenovo Legion M500 1000Hz
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    EVGA Nu Audio 32-bit 384 KHz
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    Windows 10 64-bit
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    ThinkPad W541
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    Moto G Power
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  1. The resistor cost the manufacturer pennies, and will cost them nothing to repair. You're asking OP to spend another huge wad of cash they may or may not even have. It's really not that big of a deal you think, so yes you're living in a fantasy world where you think the cost of one little wee bit SMD resistor should be the cost of a full motherboard when the manufacturer will spend nothing on fixing it. They have the bed of nails that'll diagnose it fairly fast, and get it back in circulation in no time.
  2. Literally no one is going to care or see it, if they had to ask if their motherboard was dead and didn't know it was a resistor, I REALLY and HIGHLY doubt OP can solder an SMD component. So let's be realistic here and not live in a fantasy world.
  3. You aren't loading CSS. Are you running something like a Pi-hole? Your mobile wifi IS your home network, are you confusing your cellular connection for wifi? Because cellular isn't wifi. In this case, did you install a new ad blocker or HAVE an ad blocker installed on all of these computers? Disable them and try again. Try another browser, try a browser you haven't tried before. Have you installed anything recently? Not to cloud you with questions but they are things I would need to know.
  4. EaseUS Partition Master is one I like to use. It's a bit eye candyish, but it works well and can even resize my boot partition, while booted to it mind you. SSD optimized likely just means that you ensure 4k cluster alignment.
  5. Well as stated the Pentium 4 ThinkCentre (desktops), is running linux and it had the same problem too. The only thing I could see being similar is both had VIA USB controllers, but my desktop (in the sig) had issues with it across both ports. The mouse is a Lenovo Legion M500, which otherwise is great and works amazing, it's just conflicting somehow with my floppy drive. I feel like I'm back in the days of IRQ conflicts or something. My primary runs Windows but I guess I could try Linux, but since the P4 did it too on Linux I don't know if there's a point. At this ra
  6. Yea, my laptop works fine all the time, but my old IBM ThinkCenter (pentium 4 machine), same issue, and that's running Linux. It can't be because the floppy drive controllers PID is 0000 is it? Technically invalid but it's weird it's affecting certain computers but not all.
  7. Since building my own USB floppy drive (not a pre-built slim drive but a proper full size mech so I can play some old games from original disk with my old saves from childhood, since I need a drive that can handle double density), I've noticed when it's plugged in at cold boot, my mouse doesn't initialize or enumerate to Windows. I have to unplug it and plug it back in at the login screen. It does however work otherwise if the floppy drive is unplugged. The drive works on every other computer just fine, and otherwise works on this too. But only causing issues with the mouse. So since my m
  8. I was getting tired of USB floppy drives all performing poorly. Now while this solution still doesn't give me double density support, I did build my own USB floppy drive out of a OWC enclosure, and one of those Amazon USB FDC controllers (they use a Teac FDC controller and work well if you feed the drive external power, and not USB power). I also cleaned, and refurbished this lovely black with amber LED Teac drive I purchased on eBay and put new white lithium grease on it. Now I have a USB floppy that performs quite well and reads all my high density disks with ease and good reli
  9. Now the question, do you know the network name and password? Honest question since you were confused about this, I want to ensure you at least have those details.
  10. You guys do know you still have this on Windows 10, right? It never went anywhere.
  11. Aaaaaand my updated yet again layout, because I can never make up my mind and think I might have ADHD.
  12. The grammar is also bad, I don't buy from shops with bad grammar, you can only be burned by the same red flags so many times before you need to just trust your gut instinct. But yes, this is likely a volume license, and is not legal for resale, get a refund ASAP.
  13. Some laptop chargers create a virtual ground, and aren't really earthed. My Thinkpad and Toshiba are like that, so they aren't affected by a faulty ground. When I worked at Apple, this is exactly why MacBook's came with both 2-prong AND 3-prongs for the charger. When we had customers report trackpad or shock issues, they were to use the 2-prong instead of the 3-prong.
  14. Like a doctor, "get a second opinion". Just because you're in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have it inspected.