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    Prev: Apple, Current: Self-Employed


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    AMD FX-8320 @ 4.3GHz
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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2
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    32GB Kingston HyperX Fury
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX-1050 Ti 4GB
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    480GB SSD, 2TB HD
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    850 Watt Seasonic
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    Gigabyte G27FC 165Hz
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    Noctua U9S
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    IBM XT Model F (1981)
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    Lenovo Legion M500 1000Hz
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    EVGA Nu Audio 32-bit 384 KHz
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    Windows 10 64-bit
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    ThinkPad W541
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    Moto G Power
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  1. Could. You could, but they removed it, I was unable to sign up no matter what I tried, and when I downloaded the files to make my own ISO, there was simply no master boot record in the WIM's. I had no choice but to make my own UEFI. Either way I succeeded, and now have a IDE disk on module acting as a shim with Tianocore, DUET, and OpenCore for a GUI boot picker.
  2. I am, but I don't have UEFI natively or TPM. So I actually couldn't, without this since my system is legacy.
  3. I was able to resolve this. I was apparently locating the SMBIOS tables in the wrong spot. It's now fixed, and my own UEFI BIOS is finally working.
  4. First of all this was a few years ago, lol, and I DID end up with that CPU before ultimately building a different PC.
  5. DM me, I don't think they'll let me link my youtube video for this exact machine here as I did a video on it and it is monetized. Because you have to select the right PLL chip in your Mac Pro as well and I no longer have that machine, so I figured letting you watch it yourself would help you a LOT more.
  6. First up, I wasn't sure where to actually put this, so I put it here. This isn't your run of the mill issue, I am fairly certain it's a bad SMBIOS implementation I put together, so this may be a question for fellow devs. My motherboard simply lacks UEFI, and the built in EFI (Gigabyte's Hybrid EFI) cannot boot EFI from USB of any type, only IDE, SATA and optical drives attached internally. I wanted to use the Windows 11 insider build but quickly found it it has NO bootloader for legacy and I simply don't feel like buying a DVD-R to install it, so I did what any sane dev would do.
  7. Yea, the UV5R was my first HT, my first radio though is the Yaesu FT2900R in my car though. I want to reinstall my quad band but no where here to put the antenna. And nah it's good, I need to catch up with my sister anyway.
  8. The same as my non-gsync compatible monitor which was stutter heaven. lol The point is, it will help it feel better. Personally I play games to just play them, I don't bother myself with my frame rate other than, does it look good, does it feel smooth to me? Yes? Great!
  9. If it has GSync don't worry about it, that alone really helps it feel smoother. My system in my sig felt 10x better with a 165Hz G-Sync monitor.
  10. It's my Radioddity DMR radio. I'm in FL and we just had Elsa come through, so I had it out to be prepared just in case. Didn't need it but I forgot how fun DMR was. Thanks, I love Model F's.
  11. Did a bit, had to move my desk into my bedroom as I became a guardian for my little sister, and gave her the office room for herself. Also got myself a new 165Hz 27" monitor and I love it.
  12. Of all the people in the tech industry, Woz is the one I had no doubts would support right to repair. Why do you think so many chips were socketed on the Apple II? Or why the Apple I even had a breadboard area on the PCB? He welcomed tinkering, hacking, and repairing. It was Jobs that was the business man that hated the concept of fixing your own stuff.
  13. Probably not the one you're looking for. lol
  14. I'm just waking up and haven't fully caught up yet. But regarding Windows Hello, Microsoft Accounts and TPM, At least for me on the leaked build (which I admit is not a finished product, it's missing quite a bit actually), I'm using Windows Hello PIN, with a Microsoft account, on a platform that very much lacks TPM of any kind, and yet here I am. If this wasn't what you guys were talking out, please forgive me, I need more coffee probably.