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  1. So I'm starting to build a new, mostly gaming PC and as I moved all the archive and less used stuff to NAS been thinking about going full SSD Is there a performance point now (or in near future, ports from consoles with NVMe?) in buying two separate NVMe drives (on X570) for OS and games? Been kinda thinking about ~500GB for OS/software and 1TB+ for games. Or should I go single, let's say 2TB NVMe for both OS and games? Or maybe the cheaper way and doing something like 500GB NVMe for OS and 2TB SATA SSD?
  2. Just bought this case + two additional Silent Wings 3 140 fans so now I have 2 on the front, 1 back and 1 top. The question is - should the fan on the top be pull or push for the best cooling performance? CPU is AC with pretty beefy radiator.