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    ne0tic reacted to leadeater in Apple Spring Loaded Event (April 20th, 2021) - Leaked by Siri, confirmed by Apple   
    Also for that chip and target devices ARMv9 just may not be a necessity. Sure ARMv9 is better but it's not something required to make those products competitive, an expanded core count M1 is literally all that is required to compete all the way up to 16 core x86 without additional instruction set support.
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    ne0tic reacted to captain_to_fire in Apple Spring Loaded Event (April 20th, 2021) - Leaked by Siri, confirmed by Apple   
    What would make Apple Silicon to be completely competitive with Intel and AMD especially for HPC applications is their upcoming support for ARMv9 should they release a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. The current M1 is still using ARMv8 which doesn't have SVE2 (128-2048 bit blocks), that's why both Intel and AMD still beats the M1 on matrix computations. ARMv9 will change that due to the SVE2 support.
    This is probably the reason why Apple still sells the Intel Mac minis and the Mac Pro will get its last Intel update this year. I bet the rumored M1X and M2 for the iMac and 14"/16" MBP will still be ARMv8.
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    ne0tic reacted to leadeater in Apple Spring Loaded Event (April 20th, 2021) - Leaked by Siri, confirmed by Apple   
    420? 69? I really don't know how to feel now. Too many meme numbers.
    Anything more than iPad (Pro) expected? Personally hoping for an Apple SoC iMac, that would be sweet.
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    ne0tic reacted to DriftMan in The price of taking on Steam - Epic Games loosing money with EGS according to Apple   
    1. Create shitty store
    2. Waste money on getting exclusive games on your shitty store
    3. ????
    4. Still have a shitty store, don't understand why you are so hated
    Good guy EGS doing their very best: crap
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    ne0tic reacted to tony1671 in 5900X, undervolting through PBO2 with curve optimizer, keeps crashing.   
    Yeah you were right it had some crashes so i went 2 numbers lower and been gaming for a while seems stable now
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    ne0tic reacted to Sauron in Apple removing Rosetta 2 x86 emulation!?   
    Or it could make ARM Macs completely unusable for professionals for years. Eventually I'm sure they'll take it out but now is far too early.
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    ne0tic got a reaction from soldier_ph in B550/X570 RYZEN USB issues and disconnects, might release a fix in april   
    Only took them 4 months too long... But, as long as it fixes the USB issues, I will be happy! 
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    ne0tic reacted to Murasaki in Intel casts Mac as PC in new Commercials.   
    The face of a company that knows they're screwed.
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    ne0tic reacted to HanZie82 in Intel casts Mac as PC in new Commercials.   
    Whoa this is an Intel add. Dayyum.
    They dont like them using that M1 silicon then i guess. hahahaha.
    Kinda feels like a very childish, i cant play with your toys so they's shit, kinda thing.
    Seriously management on those big companies is run by fucking children i tell yah. Such sadness there. I feel sorry for all of them.
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    ne0tic reacted to Spindel in Apple Launches All-in-One Web Page With Privacy Labels for Its Own Apps   
    Apple today updated its privacy website with a new "Labels" section that brings privacy labels for all of Apple's apps together in one place, making it easier for users to learn about how Apple apps handle their personal data.
    My thoughts
    Thank you apple, while other big tech companies makes moves to obstruct and/or obscure these things you bring it to the front row. Now I'm just waiting for the onslaught of companies like Facebook trying to make Apple the big anti competetive meanie...
    ...oh wait they already has tried this route. 
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    ne0tic reacted to avipars in AMD Investigating Reports Of USB Connectivity Issues on 500-Series Chipsets   
    My Wifi/Bluetooth card have been causing issues with my B550... I think it's related to this issue but can't verify... What's surprising is the amount of time it took form release to acknowledge these issues
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    ne0tic reacted to Loote in AMD Investigating Reports Of USB Connectivity Issues on 500-Series Chipsets   
    Would be nice to get some update on this. I hope they manage to fix it soon.
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    ne0tic reacted to BigDamn in AMD Investigating Reports Of USB Connectivity Issues on 500-Series Chipsets   
    AMD is investigating user complaints of USB devices briefly disconnecting on 500-Series motherboards when using a Ryzen 3000 or 5000 series CPU. It seems that the issue is exacerbated when using a PCI-E 4.0 GPU, so some users have rolled back to PCI-E 3.0 via a BIOS setting which has helped, but not eliminated, this issue. AMD is asking users impacted by this issue to gather information, such as steps to reproduce this issue, system logs, and relevant system info to help track this down.
    According to Anandtech, it appears that this impacts USB 2.0 more than 3.0/3.1:
    My thoughts
    Although this seems to be impacting a small number of users (potentially due to PCI-E 4.0 not being widely adopted yet), I believe it's fair to say the Ryzen 5000 and 500-series chipset launches haven't been AMD's smoothest launch. First we had the delay in 500 series chipsets, then a high failure rate in Ryzen 5000 CPU's, and now this. I question whether AMD was able to perform a proper QA process on these chips with Covid limitations through most of last year. For those of you with 500 series chipsets, have you encountered issues like this? If you have, make sure to let AMD know on their Reddit post regarding this issue. Hopefully this is not a hardware level issue and will be fixed in later AGESA updates.
    AMD Reddit Post
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    ne0tic reacted to SpiderMan in AMD Announces The RX 6700 XT, "Available" March 18 For $479   
    Another new graphics card to "release". There will be nonexistent stock in less than 5 seconds. 
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    ne0tic reacted to SupaKomputa in EU to start with a "Digital Euro" within 5 years   
    Yeah, i don't understand why governments want to adopt this concept, isn't the money in our banks already "digital".
    I can just swipe my debit card and boom, money digitally transferred.
    ewallet is also a form of digital money, and it has been predominant mode of cashless transaction in many asia countries.
  17. Funny
    ne0tic reacted to gabrielcarvfer in Bethesda is embroiled in a new potentially billion-dollar lawsuit which could delay Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax   
    "I couldn't care less, just want them to stop breaking the mods", said my brother with >1400h of game time.
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    ne0tic reacted to Middcore in Bethesda is embroiled in a new potentially billion-dollar lawsuit which could delay Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax   
    Your post has two main points: 
    1. "Here's a bunch of stuff being claimed by the lawyers suing Bethesda/Zenimax."
    2. "Lawyers are basically all a bunch of sociopathic liars." 
    Maybe you haven't given this the amount of thought it warrants. 
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    ne0tic reacted to Delicieuxz in Bethesda is embroiled in a new potentially billion-dollar lawsuit which could delay Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax   
    I think you haven't given it the thought it's warranted.
    If the lawyers presenting the case seek $1 billion or more in compensation, then that's the potential cost of the lawsuit.
    If Microsoft completes the purchase of ZeniMax now, then, should Bethesda ultimately lose this lawsuit, Microsoft will be on the hook for potentially another billion dollars on top of what they would have already paid for ZeniMax. That would mean that Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda changed from a $7.5 billion acquisition to an $8.5 billion acquisition. And that's a big difference.
    But if Microsoft waits for the lawsuit to play-out before completing the acquisition, the cost of the lawsuit would be the responsibility of ZeniMax' current owners, and they would then have to bear the potentially billion-dollar loss before selling the company to Microsoft.
    There are other possibilities, such as settling out-of-court so that Microsoft's acquisition can proceed without delay, or Microsoft reaching a deal with ZeniMax' current owners whereby Microsoft completes the purchase now and should the lawsuit be lost, then the current owners will be responsible to cover the court's judgment.
    But I don't get how you assume that the case doesn't stand to impact Microsoft's acquisition of the company. Because it possibly can.
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    ne0tic reacted to Blademaster91 in HP is buying HyperX's peripherals line   
    This is really disappointing, Kingston HyperX headsets are some of the better gaming headsets in my opinion.
    I expect that HP will probably cut cost on the HyperX brand.
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    ne0tic reacted to Master Disaster in Valve Ordered to Give Apple Information on 436 Steam Games As Part of Epic Games Legal Case   
    That's not the issue though. Apple are launching their toys out of the pram with a trebuchet and trying to take everyone else down with them.
    They're trying to demonstrate that 30% is reasonable and that other stores make just as much money as they do.
    Essentially they either want to get off with it on the fact others are also doing it or ensure that any ruling applies to their competitors as well.
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    ne0tic reacted to J-from-Nucleon in Samsung will reportedly release an Exynos laptop with AMD graphics this year   
     In 2019, Samsung started working with AMD on a mobile GPU. Last month, the company provided an update on the partnership, saying the component would make its way into its next “flagship product.” At the time, the assumption was Samsung would integrate the GPU into a phone like the next Galaxy Fold. Now we have a report that suggests the company will do something far more interesting with the technology.

    My thoughts
    This is a rather interesting story, I'm all for new competition in the tech space and I wish samsung all the best. I think ARM -based laptops are going to be pretty common soon into the future, however, I believe that ARM will not be able to phase out x86 but will rather co-exist with it (rather wishful thinking, I Know) but either the more competent competition, the better and the more innovation there will be (case in point: AMD v Intel). This will be one of thosoe thing to look out for, but as for me, I'd still probably get an apple silicon mac (the 14in one, whenever that comes out).
    https://zdnet.co.kr/view/?no=20210224162744 (note: I cannot speak, or read or otherwise understand korean)
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    ne0tic reacted to SlimyPython in Rollback in SoCs - Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 phones rolling out.   
    didnt the 888 had heating shenanigans? could be that
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    ne0tic reacted to spartaman64 in Apple redirects Google’s Safe Browsing traffic to its own servers in iOS 14.5   
    i mean there is no such thing as privacy when you are using the internet. your isp has logs of every website you access
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    ne0tic reacted to JoseGuya in Apple redirects Google’s Safe Browsing traffic to its own servers in iOS 14.5   

    Apple redirects Google Safe Browsing traffic through its own proxy servers to prevent disclosing users’ IP addresses to Google in iOS 14.5 
    Apple’s privacy push is much more widespread than it seems at the surface. A perfect example is the new privacy feature in iOS 14.5 Beta 1 (V2) which redirects Google Safe Browsing traffic through Apple’s own proxy servers to enhance users’ privacy and to not let Google see your IP address.
    My thoughts
    Well, if this increases user’s privacy I’m all for it. Apple already has my ip, among other private information, and preventing third parties for getting that info is good, I recon. How would Google take this “intervention” will definitely be interesting