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  1. My 5900X can't seem to use more than a 10 offset, we are probably just unlucky. Or it will get better in a newer BIOS down the road.
  2. It's still working fine? I'm getting issues with just my keyboard now in some games but my other devices seems to be working over USB. Hoping AMD/ASUS will have a fix out soon since I would like to use PCIe 4.0 and even with it disabled it's not completely perfect.
  3. Yeah, I don't really see how there would be enough capacity for Intel this year, unless it's just a few low volume chips. Do you know if N5P are completely new wafers or the same ones but just updated/redesigned? Since Apple are moving to N5P later this year with their upcoming A15 chip. If N5P are seperate wafers then that would definitely free up some N5 capacity.
  4. TSMC 5nm is supposedly about 1.85x the price of 7nm. Keep in mind that Apple still got 7nm capacity as well for chips in Apple Watches, AirPods, iPads and some other stuff. Let us just say they are about the same size in terms of revenue for TSMC, probably shifting depending on quarters and product releases.
  5. True. AMD uses a bigger chunk of TSMC's capacity than what Apple does although Apple is still the bigger company for TSMC in terms of revenue (since Apple uses much more advanced and expensive nodes than AMD).
  6. No screen or nothing, just lights on when I had my issues. The BIOS was the problem. Although, I had to remove all RAM-sticks for the BIOS Flashback to work. And have the PC completely off, just switch on PSU power before holding the flashback button for 5-10 seconds. Then wait for 10 minutes and it should work.
  7. Were you ever able to fix it? If so, what did you do? I got the exact same problem...
  8. Ehm, you sure this would help the USB 2.0 ports when gaming? Seems weird that this would fix it.
  9. Hello everyone! I built my PC a few days ago and everything seems to be fine except for the motherboard USB 2.0 ports. Right after I had installed Windows 10, I realized that my gaming keyboard was disconnecting every 10 seconds or so, this then got much better and never happened again until I started gaming. Both the keyboard and headphones conected to the USB 2.0 ports just randomly disconnects and then reconnects every 5-10 minutes when I'm gaming... The two USB 3.0 ports works completely fine and I've tried both the headphones and keyboard in the 3.0 ports to confir
  10. I’m in guys, thanks for the help! BIOS flashback worked when I removed all RAM sticks!
  11. Okay, will try one stick in first slot. Yeah, 8 pin + 4 pin are plugged in at the top left and of course the 24 pin. Maybe should try plugging out one of the extra power connectors at the top left if it’s something weird with it? My reboot button just changes the error code to A6 so I have to hold the power button till it shuts of and then try again but it’s the same thing all the time, no boot.
  12. I tried to flashback the BIOS but like, there’s no power running through the connectors at the back so it doesn’t work.
  13. Hello everyone! I just built my new PC but unfortunately it will not post like it’s supposed to... I get error code 0d and also A6 when I click the reboot button. The DRAM light is also lit in orange. Another weird thing is that the motherboard rear IO doesn’t seem to have any power, when I plug in stuff, they don’t power on... Got pictures of everything below: I’ve tried booting with two RAM sticks instead of four but that haven’t helped. I’m really thankful for any suggestions!
  14. That better be some good sound for that price lol...
  15. I mean, could probably be a ''very great gaming laptop'' if more games were supported on MacOS...
  16. The RTX 3080 launch in Sweden was so much better than this and even that were bad...
  17. Apple will most likely also have a higher end M1X* chip out in maybe 6 months from now and that should be even much more impressive than the M1. Edit: The M1X will be a higher TDP chip so it will not really be competing with the 5800U, but as said, the M1 seems to be beating the 5800U either way.
  18. I mean, six years of support is pretty damn good. You will have a hard time to get even half of that on most Android phones.
  19. Yeah, was just going to write that I remember Anandtech measuring it to 120mm^2 in one article so this seems correct.
  20. Because potentially they could get more out of ARM than x86. Potentially.
  21. Apple might become the leader in mobile in terms of efficiency and performance, possibly forever if Intel and AMD doesn't switch to ARM. It's impossible to know. Either way, it should be years before Apple can compete with AMD in the high-end desktop space and unless Apple starts selling their ARM-chips, I don't see ARM taking over anytime soon. Apple is so far ahead architecturally, even compared to ARM themselves, so ARM becoming more succesful in Windows than x86, I doubt it. Apple could be in for a huge boost of Mac sales if they continue to deliver with their next generation of chips.
  22. There was definitely fewer RX 6800 XT's than RTX 3080's on launch here in Sweden...