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  1. Hey Guys! I currently have this Pump Reservoir Combo from Thermaltake. Thermaltake Pump-Reservoir Link . Attached is my PC, I would like to shorten the Reservoir so that I will be able to move my Radiator to the top and not the front. If you guys can provide a link to amazon it would be great Please let me know! Thanks Guys
  2. @acid pa Do you have a link to a video to show the steps? Thanks
  3. Hey Guys! I am about to upgrade my 500gb M.2 to a 1tb M.2, I would like to know the steps in order to change bootdrives. If you guys have a link to a good video let me know! Thanks! Let me know thanks!
  4. Hey Guys! I currently have a I9-9900k, and RTX 2080. I was looking at upgrading to the Ryzen 9 3950x. But are they gonna release new chips in the upcoming months? How about Nvidia? Let me know! Thanks
  5. Hey @lonelyworks, I am thinking on switching to Bell for the 1.5 gbps down/ 950 mbps up. If you where to do it again, would you have gone for a modem/router/switch combo that can receive an SFP Module? Like the Ubiquity Dream Machine Pro? Let me know
  6. Perfect thanks alot guys! Good thing Ive waited for them to announce the new Chips!
  7. Hey guys I have I currently have the I9 9900k with XI Formula Z390 I will be upgrading to the Ryzen 9 3950X, I just want to know if the hero is the same as the formula just without a different aesthetics and the EK Water cooling block. Like are the VRM the same, the features look identical. Please let me know! And if someone want to buy my parts let me know! They still have 1 year full replacement!
  8. Hey Guys! I am tried looking on youtube and still cant find a relevant list on great Monitors for Content Creation. Here is what I need. - 4k Minimum - IPS - 95% or Above any sRGB or Adobe RGB - 27inch to 34inch - Under 1000$ USD Let me know! Thanks Guys!
  9. Does anyone else run into issues when they use Premiere Pro on 2 monitors? Let me know please!
  10. Hey Guys! I am having issues with Adobe Premiere Pro. Everything on my computer is updated yet I still have play back issues on Adobe Premier. Premier Pro for me on PC has just been issues and Unreliable. I have 9900K, Asus ROG Formula XI, RTX 2080, 32gb of RAM. Everything top of the line. Can you guys let me know what video to watch or what ever to optimize Premier Pro better? My Macbook Pro runs Premier Pro much better lol
  11. Perfect I will try that, and how is your I9 9900K? I am having issues with mine, its not performing at its potential
  12. Hey Guys! I currently have a Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 pump. The problem is that it is too tall and thermaltake does not sell the acrilic cylinder alone. so I cant swap it for a small one. Any one has a pump recomandation small to mid size? I want a great quality and would like to know the features. Let me know thanks!