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  1. I have no problem with this video being a showcase sponsored by Facebook it's fine Linus can do whatever with this. My problem is the little fact that Facebook is requiring a Facebook login to even use the quest 2 and that Linus Claimed nothing will be pushed under the rug and at the same time rush past the Facebook login controversy so fast that you would think he is supporting Facebook on this matter. The video and the content was great. the fact it was a sponsored content is also fine and it was even very clearly marked as such. but such an important privacy issue thing is not fai
  2. the simple fact that the quest 2 requires a facebook account to even work is making this VR headset the worst value you can get... My social media is meant for one thing only and VR and games is not that one thing.
  3. my case can easily fit 480 I was just thinking that, it is not the norm for cases so maybe getting a 360mm would give more sense. and thank you for the two youtube channels I will be studying them thoroughly is there a brand of radiators that's better than the others for beginners? feature, looks or something else ?
  4. I'm about to embark on a new journey, I want to water cool my system with a custom loop simply because it would make a nice visual addition to my new case a Thermaltake Core P5. However I've never tried this before so I was thinking to start with the simplest custom loop I could imagine. That is seemingly more difficult than I could imagine because I have no experience and no Idea about what is absolutely needed in a build nor what would look nice and clean in my case. so I'm here to hear some opinions/recommendations for a total newbie regarding custom water cooling. but first
  5. well the only time I had multi rails was over 10 years ago back then I had to balance the rails but I failed to do so and ended up overloading a PSU rail with two GFX trying to draw each 300-400W in a 4 rail system I accidentally put all that load on one rail back then not knowing better. I don't know how they are today so if balancing is not an issue anymore then that is great. Regarding the safety I've read several places now that there is no difference between a multi rail and single rail they might have different ways to handle them selves but they have build in protection from the sa
  6. just curious I know what single rail and multi-rail means but beyond having to take care with how you load a multi-rail psu I've never understood if there is any consumer beneficial difference between the two. it seems to me that any good quality PSU doesn't matter if it is multi rail or single rail, I do tend to prefer single rail as I've had a few mishaps with loading a few multi-rail too unbalanced.
  7. there is a be quiet straight power 11 cm 550w at roughly the same price 131 USD
  8. in my country the TX or HX. etx goes way beyond my budget for this. the price difference between the RM550X and the others I've updated my original post with
  9. Hi I'm looking at three PSU's from the same vendor I'm fairly sure I won't need more than 550w for my system as it is running fine on a 550w psu I'm borrowing atm. However I've seen three psu's at roughly the same price. These three: Corsair RM550X V2 550W cost in USD 128.5 Corsair RM750 V2 750W cost in USD 134 Corsair rm650 V2 650w the cheapest cost in USD 119 as you can see the 750W doesn't have the X in the end but they are price almost the same. My question here is. which would be better to get ? in case you are wondering for what system I'm going to use it
  10. well basically any fan/coolblock is bulky compared to a water block, as a radiator can be sort of hidden in the side. but I digress I'm asking about fans for the case that could potentially also handle a radiator.
  11. I guess but I feel that Air coolers look so bulky and considering this server is on display in my living room I wanted it to at least look nice and slim.
  12. Thank you for your answer. I will remember to quote or tag in the future. I just figured that running as a server would require some better quality fans than any other system no matter the load it would be under. because of the always on nature of a server.
  13. it is going to be a Ryzen 2400g 16gb ram as it's going to be used as a server I won't need a GFX card beyond the internal one in the 2400g. so I'm primarily looking for aesthetic and silent options for cooling, was thinking that I would reduce the need for cooling by making sure the case would be sufficiently cooled too. hence my question here on which RGB fans would be good for both the radiator and the case. my intention is to use a water-cooled aio for the CPU, and then just make it low noise and look good from there.
  14. I have none currently as it is a new system I'm building. However I've never had RGB on anything so I'm pretty new with that option. Thanks for letting me know that I should stick with the same RGB ecosystem, was for some reason having the idea that RGB controllers would be universal.
  15. Thank you so much for clarifying those things for me. I had no idea what mattered regarding air pressure and airflow nor what values were good or good enough. I will look in to the suggested fans and see how they could fit in my system.