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    Ben17 reacted to Lurick in Strix E vs F. Whats the Difference?   
    This article gives a nice rundown:
    Basically the -E has WiFi 6, a 2.5Gbps port, and a few more ports on the rear over the -F
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    Ben17 reacted to FakeKGB in Help i broke a fan blade on my 1060 graphics card and i need a replacement fan   
    Check eBay. There's plenty of Chinese listings for replacement GPU fans.
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    Ben17 reacted to WoodenMarker in Can Noctua NH-D15s be mounted upside down?   
    Yes, the mounting mechanism is symmetrical and you can mount it whichever way it fits. The difference with the NH-D15S is that the heatsink portion is offset. 
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    Ben17 reacted to Gohardgrandpa in Ryzen 5 3600 High Idle Temp and Gaming   
    At launch I posted about this and someone didn’t believe me here. The temps are all over the damn place and they aren’t low.   
    They said if you have more then one thing monitoring temps it will keep the cpu from going idle. So if you have ICue open and ryzen master or hwinfo somehow the cpu thinks it under load and sends more voltage and boosts speed and temps. 
    The box cooler that comes with the 3600 is awful. Idk about the other cpu stock coolers but my 3600 cooler was garbage, I even put new thermal paste and put the cooler back on thinking the stock paste was junk. 
    I saw someone say something about airflow and ambient temps being a factor. My house is at 70F and in a fractal design focus g case with 5 Corsair ml120 fans and a strix 3 fan rtx 2060 it was still getting hot so you can’t blame airflow or ambient temp in my situation. I had $160 worth of fans in a mesh front panel case with a strix card. 
    Early adopter woes I suppose. Either way I’m more then happy with the performance increase I got going from 1st gen to 3rd gen ryzen. With the h100i I rarely ever see it go above 60c while gaming for hours, with the stock cooler it was in the 80’s and throttling my speed to 4ghz sometimes.
    Sure it sucks having to use a different cooler but it is what it is, I’m dealing with it and happy with the performance I’m getting after swapping coolers. 
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    Ben17 reacted to Augustin in Minecraft Vanilla server - Dont Be Alone in survival!   
    I got re-interested in MC because of that youtube guy that 9 year olds like. I noticed in a recent video pewds and jack both started drawing d**ks on things. I recall that is what happened last time I stopped playing MC. I could totally get back into MC until giant genitals start appearing on the horizon. Drawing d**ks is a sign that creativity has run its full course.
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    Ben17 reacted to Spotty in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    Something I don't understand is how does Twitter make money (directly) from people watching a video on its platform? If it was Youtube then I would understand the ads playing before a video but Twitter doesn't do that (does it?)?
    I haven't fully read it and all the details but one of the articles links to a copy of the court filings. https://www.scribd.com/document/491614044/Doe-v-Twitter
    From what I very quickly skimmed it appears that it was reported to Twitter multiple times, including with police reports concerning the child abuse material and also verifying his identity through drivers licence to confirm he was indeed the person in the video. Twitter took a week to respond to the report saying that there was no violation of their rules and didn't remove the content. The video remained on the platform for 10 days from the first time the plaintiff reported the content to Twitter (reported 20th Jan, removed 30th Jan 2020). The account that was posting the abuse material had been reported to Twitter before for posting child abuse material and Twitter didn't act. It was only after authorities intervened and gave notice to Twitter to remove it that Twitter did, but the person who was posting the content created a new account using the same name and continued posting child abuse material. Before the video was removed it had 167,000 views and over 2200 retweets (seriously, what the fuck?).
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    Ben17 reacted to PCGuy_5960 in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    Facebook is a stupid conspiracy theory breeding ground and Twitter is just a retarded virtue signaling echo chamber. At least Facebook is pretty open about not really caring about what is on their platform, unlike Twitter who moderate their website but only when it's convenient.
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    Ben17 reacted to Kylan275 in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    It's hard to comment on this since it's just an allegation right now, but if true, it's pretty damning. How could they possibly find no reason to remove a video of minors engaged in sex acts? It'll be interesting to hear their response to this. 
    I'd personally be fine if Twitter disappeared entirely forever. But that's just me. 
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    Ben17 reacted to Master Disaster in Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down   
    Err, at the age of 13 you don't have the legal authority to authorise a video of that nature in any capacity.
    There shouldn't have been even the slightest bit of doubt from Twitter, as soon as the phrases "13 years old" and "sexual content" were combined Twitter should have pulled it instantly.
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    Ben17 reacted to Drama Lama in Why do manufactures and AMD say 1gen ryzen isn't compatible on 570 when it is??   
    1st reason the bios memory on many boards is too small to guarantee compatibility with all Ryzen chips
    2nd reason they want to sell motherboads
    basically the same reasons why x370 doesn't support 4th gen Ryzen
    fun fact Ryzen is an SoC and doesn't even require a chipset to work
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    Ben17 reacted to FinOxy in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    Looks like what I just tore down
    my dads old PC 
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    Ben17 reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Making a Desk Drawer Case - Part 2   
    Use a keyswitch to enable the computer. User inserts the key and turns it to turn on or turn off the computer. Removal of the key disables the ability to turn it on or off
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    Ben17 reacted to Lalit Kumar in Can this RGB strip be connected to my mobo so I can control the colours ?   
    I can't make out much from the images itself but in the first image, it's a regular RGB connector from a controller to the strip. The controller requires 12v which is sometimes taken from molex if your mobo doesnt have a rgb controller builtin. So it's pretty much a regular rgb strip connected to a controller that's powered through a molex. 
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    Ben17 reacted to Dewst3r in Flip switch and key computer start   
    I have finished the flip and key switch case mod!!! I soldered my positive and negative onto the optocoupler then the motherboard header cable.

    Here is a video of it working....really quick demonstration: 

    Here is the soldering for the positive and negative of the optocoupler. Positive coming from the key switch soldered directly on and the negative soldered with a resistor and onto the optocoupler.

    Finished soldering!

    Drilled out holes and mounted the switches

    After this (which i do not have pics of) I basically just plugged everything in like I had it in the black box....put the wall plug out the back of my case but will soon be removed and powered instead off of my motherboard (either molex or usb front panel connectors).
    Video is of my testing it directly after. Now I have to hope that I don't lose the key!

    Once again I apologize for the long time gap also, but I have finally finished it!
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    Ben17 reacted to shwcobb in Removing power button LED from FP MOBO connector   
    I like this idea, thank you.
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    Ben17 reacted to Tejas Ankolekar in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    a e5800 dual core 3.2 ghz, 5 gb ddr2 ram, a gt 710,wd 1 tb hard drive, it is a prebuilt from hp that has a motherbourd with one pci express slot for gpu, windows 7 64 bit, some random case from hp.  
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    Ben17 got a reaction from DailyProcrastinator in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    some random old graphics cards and ddr2 ram I have lol

  18. Agree
    Ben17 reacted to Moonzy in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    Yes I agree, he should do whatever to survive as a company
    But I wished he clarify it though, since he did make such a claim before.
    People hating his video because of the sponsors is wrong, it's just an ad like any other place, and linus' view of "as long as it's not a scam or fishy company, we'll accept their money" is fine in my book
    But saying one thing and doing another is a separate issue, but as long as it's cleared then it's fine.
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    Ben17 reacted to WereCatf in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    People sure do get their knickers in an EXTREMELY tight bunch over sponsor-spots, geesh.
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    Ben17 reacted to Master Disaster in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    You're free to criticise them all you want but said companies are also free to totally ignore the criticism.
    Heck EA have been making bank for years on the back of sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting LA LA LA.
  21. Agree
    Ben17 reacted to LogicalDrm in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    No, I don't. But I could use one from you for quoting me out of context. You just have to make everyone agree that your opinion is the only correct EVEN WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SAME THING.
  22. Agree
    Ben17 reacted to Chiyawa in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    Wow, I guess this certainly becomes dreadful quickly.
    Well, I was surprised when they mention their sponsor is Raid Shadow Legend. I haven't played the game, but I remember they pop up in many website's ad a lot last time. Sure I was tempted to check it out, but well, I just find myself caught up with many things. It's a good thing I didn't, judging by the many comments about the game's bad reputation.
    Anyway, yes, I do agree that many of the points you mentioned are good, and it looks like Linus is pretty much defending for himself in this situation, and he did it poorly, but at least he made known that he is sorry (to a degree).
    There are some other things that I like to add, though:
    1. Sponsorship can be anyone's game. You got the cash, you got the air-time (or a spot for the advertisement). Remember at 1990's, you see tons of cigarette brands on a race car? I remembered some endorsed it even if they don't look like someone who smokes back in those days. The company who sponsor them has the rights to just do whatever, including making them looks like 'endorsing' the product. I remember that I saw a lot of Michael Schumacher's face on Marlboro's cigarette ads back then, and his racing suit has a few Marlboro's logo. So, I don't believe LMG uses everything that features in their sponsors (maybe most but not all). This type of 'ads' or 'sponsorships' are just there to provide funds so LMG can make free contents on Youtube that everyone can watch for free.
    2. Always take a grain of salt with you when watching these shows. Sure it provides news and facts about PC and they are considered one of the trusted source, but they may sometimes get things wrong too. Same goes to their sponsors. Even if the sponsors are legitimate with a good product has the potential to 'causes issues' down the road (like liquid metal thermal grease and one of the water block from a company), of course no one knows any of this products will cause those issues initially until maybe about a year after they used it.
    3. I don't believe LMG has many choices when it comes to sponsorship. I mean, their channel has been doing great and they gain quite the reputation, but when it comes to who wanted to sponsor their brand in LMG might be far more limited than that. So, they have to take whatever they have in that situation. Sponsorships can be hard to come by sometimes, and they don't have the luxury to be picky.
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    Ben17 reacted to Master Disaster in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    Fun fact: LMG is a business & Linus personally owes us nothing. His "non apology" was a non apology because he has nothing to apologise for, the second he allows the consumers who literally give him nothing to dictate what he can and cannot do with his business is when LMG dies and over 20 people end up on unemployment.
  24. Agree
    Ben17 reacted to Moonzy in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    I think logicaldrm isn't in the wrong here, we were told something else by LTT before these, I would've said the same thing as he did before this WAN show
  25. Agree
    Ben17 reacted to flashiling in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    while i get your point, how do we not know that some of the LMG people don't play the game?
    maybe not linus and luke who were hosting the wan show where it was advertised but maybe a few of the others.