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Posts posted by Ben17

  1. 18 minutes ago, Fatty said:

    unfortunately, the one I want to change doesn't show up (I want to change the Radmin's VPN one)


    you need to have it connected to a network first 

    the profile bascilly tells windows whether network it is connected is private or public (the adapter doesn't really decide that iirc) 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Sans54 said:

    Everything is plugged in outside the case and I have the cpu cord in and everything is working but there is still the red light saying there is no cpu. Is it possible that my mobo and cpu aren’t compatible. 

    your parts seem compatible 

    also try clearing the cmos (remove battery or short the clear cmos pins with a screwdriver or other metal object  

  3. 13 minutes ago, Noahmid2009mbp said:

    I just got given a laptop for school light gaming and web are these specs enough 

    intel core i5-3337u

    6gb ddr3

    750gb hdd (I think I will replace that !)

    made 2013

    If the school provided the laptop I wouldn't go and change or mess with anything on it tbh