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  1. you need to have it connected to a network first the profile bascilly tells windows whether network it is connected is private or public (the adapter doesn't really decide that iirc)
  2. measure the distance between the mounting holes on the original fan though and message the seller first
  3. forgot about aliexpress auctully that might be worth a shot for @Harry520
  4. ah I'll do some more research I know the feeling when that happens btw Had it happen to me with an old GT 140 lol Ended up just attaching a 100mm fan I had to the heatsink with glue and running it off my board lol
  5. got some stuff for cable managing my setup also waiting on a new extruder for my 3d printer.....
  6. your parts seem compatible also try clearing the cmos (remove battery or short the clear cmos pins with a screwdriver or other metal object
  7. got a couple of upgrades for my 3d printer coming lol microswiss direct drive kit and also some parts to finally clean up my cable management lol
  8. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/For-MSI-RX560-RX-560-GTX1050-GTX1060-AERO-ITX-Video-Graphics-Card-Cooling-Fan/174203709507?hash=item288f59a843%3Ag%3AeqAAAOSwIXdgJ3K6&LH_BIN=1
  9. yeah amazon is annoying that way tbh also @Harry520 I think I found that fan on ebay btw
  10. do u know the fan diameter btw https://www.ebay.ie/itm/PLD10010B12HH-Fan-FOR-MSI-GTX1080Ti-1080-1070-1060-RX470-480-570-580GAMING-Card/124348136813?hash=item1cf3b9fd6d%3Ag%3AAOkAAOSwJJRfahsH&LH_BIN=1 found this whan I was looking through ebay
  11. lol Some of that hardware is nearly 8 or 9 years old now
  12. some random old graphics cards and ddr2 ram I have lol
  13. check you didn't accidentally bend any pins on the cpu
  14. If the school provided the laptop I wouldn't go and change or mess with anything on it tbh
  15. black is usually ground and yellow is 12 volt do you have a photo of the connecter where it broke off though
  16. the back panel also should be fine tbh I've never had any issues from jamming it on lol
  17. ah I'd get a noctua 120mm whichever is the easiest/cheapest to get tbh
  18. I'd get the noctua 140mm fans personally (I'd defn not a fan expert though xD)