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    Ryzen 5 1600 AF
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    16GB G.Skill Ripjaw 3600
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  1. So I decided to address Linus mistakes when it comes to Hackintoshes. First starting out with all the false info in this Techquickie video: Pretty much nothing in the video is in this video is correct when it comes to creating a bootable USB and the post install process. You should not use any of TonyMac's tools. Lucky, there's already an article explaining what's wrong with Tony and his tools. Addressing another mistake Linus made in his Hack Pro series, he used Clover. Although he's in the right track by not using Unibeast, instead he used Clover. The issue with Clove
  2. @Hip I stated "USED" not "NEW". But thanks! @AngryBeaver Yeah, I was thinking about a 600-700 series. The FX-6120 is in a HP pre built, and I sure know how powerless they are. But just being a young teen with allowance money to use, I got to use what I have to work with. Thanks! @Jaggsta Thanks! Will a 960 bottleneck my Fx 6120?
  3. Looking for a USED graphics card under $100 USD the replace my aging EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2GB. AMD or Nvidia are accepted, but must be supported, easily overclockable and have support for newer titles . The games I play are GTA V, Gmod, and American/Euro Trucking Simulator. I like Open world, indie, and simulators games. Not into FPS or any competitive gaming. My specs include: AMD FX-6120 500W PSU
  4. My shitty as netbook I'm using just shows squares with numbers in it instead of Chinese,
  5. I notice other errors and warnings in the Event viewer. Are those something to do with the crash or something else? Try running Memtest86, to see if you have faulty RAM modulus. Also run a CHKDSK command from CMD and admin. Try reinstalling Windows as a last resort. It could be a bad installation, I had that happen to myself before.
  6. It's been reported to be a hardware fault or something to with the GPU. Try reinstalling or downgrade GPU drivers. I recommend using GeForce Experience, as it gets the latest stable drivers. Make sure you are getting the right drivers for your Titan. It can be easy to confuse them.
  7. It's not there because the model you have does support M.2 or you chose a the no M.2 variant.. It uses the same board as some of the higher end models. They do it to save money and time instead of designing and making different boards of different models.
  8. It does provide a noticeable performance jump when you bump the clockspeed up a bit. So, yes depending on how high you go, you will notice a difference depending on what application your using.
  9. And everyone knows how a non-Google app store works out. Lack of apps.
  10. Not really. The RX 580 is really a mid range card, so even a Ryzen 3 can handle it just fine.
  11. You do not. The PC has no way of knowing of what PSU its being powered by. Your GPU upgrade can be a different question, because some older HP pre builts sometimes don't play well with newer gen hardware. So you need to hop on the HP website and see if it has that kind of restriction. I don't think it will happen because that is a newer HP the what I'm used to. But when your working with prebuilts, expect anything to happen. BTW, Update the BIOS just to be safe, just download the EXE and run it without anything in the background. No need for DOS or special tools.
  12. The D14 is WAY to overkill for your CPU. Something like the hyper 212 evo is more the enough. I only recommend it if your going with a overclockable chip, but you don't have one.