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  1. Hi guys it seems the PS5 dose not support 1440 which sucks and I just ordered a "Asus ROG Strix XG279Q " which arrives next week. I know that the ps4 pro dose not support it but it will upscale from 1080 or for some monitors downscale from 4k. I've seen what a downscale resolution looks like from 4k to 1440 and it looks fine to me + I really want this monitor :) My question is : Can the ROG Strix XG279Q downsale from 4k to 1440p on the ps5? Thanks for the help
  2. I think i might look for a 1080 IPS 144hz monitor as the PS5 might not even work properly on 1440 and if it upscales might not look the best
  3. Ye I've just seen i thought i could get one cheaper I think i might have to get 1440p, Do you have any suggestions ?
  4. Hi guys so i wanted a monitor to use for my PS5/ Gaming on my computer. One side i play competitive games like CSGO, Overwatch, Warzone etc so i play on 1080 there with 144hz minimum. Also planning to get a PS5 to play some titles on there and that's why im thinking about getting a 4k monitor and then changing the resolution when i go into games such as CSGO, or overwatch etc to 1080. and then using it normally for the PS5 etc. + I wanted it to be 27 inch. Budget is around £600 Is this a good idea or bad idea? Does anyone have any kind of suggestion? I'm really lost and a bit of a n
  5. i have a 1080ti , its nothing to do with graphics , When you play at a high level on CSGO the pro's for example all play on 1024 if you look it up, just how it is I've just heard very good things about the ASUS monitor and thats why i looked into it
  6. Looking to upgrade my current monitor for a better one. I play games like CSGO, overwatch , warzone etc , so need one that will be 144hz but at the same time i like to play a lot of single player games on the pc/PS4 and i would like a monitor that also looks good when playing them. I was thinking of getting the "asus ROG Strix XG279Q" but its 1440 and im not sure how good that will be for CSGO as i play on 1024 x 768 on that game.. Looking for a 27 inch , minimum 144hz Any help would be great Thanks
  7. Hi guys so im thinking of getting a new monitor. I play games like CSGO Warzone, overwatch etc but i also play a lot of single player games + ps5 coming out soon so i would really like to get a monitor with a minimum refresh rate of 144hz and just have some good colours etc for single player games. Would also like to stick to 27 inch. Right now i have the benq 144hz monitor 27 inch. I was thinking of : Asus ROG Strix XG279Q Any help would be so great. Price point of about £600 would be great Thanks x
  8. I do have 1 yes , i remmber doing this a long time ago but i cant remmber how 2 do it now
  9. Im not going to lie 2 u i would but i cba 2 open the case up , pull out wires etc, find a sata cable etc and do this
  10. 2 diffrent PC's , i think i need to plug an internet cable from 1 to the other? or something like this
  11. Its just a whole folder of movies downloaded etc, its like 200GB All playable on vlc
  12. Hi i just built my new PC and put windows 10 on it. In my old pc which has windows 7 i want to get all my old movies and put them on my new drive. What would be the best way of doing this? Thanks
  13. If this is true then I'm a happy boy that i didn't pre-order numbers seem to match those what people are saying etc.
  14. Blindeagle

    New pc

    Just want to thank everyone who helped me build this new PC. It was hard but i loved every minute of it Part List : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xsNfxG Right now idle temps For CPU and GPU : 30ish Stress test for CPU and GPU : 60ish Thanks guys xx P.S i fixed the cable management in the 1st pic but i forgot to take a pic
  15. Ye going to update them now my self anf see if that fixes it , just a small thing but its a bit crap