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    I have no idea on what to put in here.

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    On my bedroom.
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  1. HAHA I know where you got that profile picture!

  2. This is actually old. Anakata was the funniest.
  3. Ill tell you how it performs.Its not a native port, its just a wrapper, and a very bad one with lots of problems. Related: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTY5ODM
  4. Rub a lamp and ask a genius if he can grant you a wish.
  5. Care to share what you have tested? By the way, chrome SSL certificate validation is a joke.
  6. On linux it is easy. Just edit your fstab like that: partition ramfs defaults 0 0
  7. Which doesnt prevent anyone from using maskmyemail or create a @cock.li email address.
  8. Ill continue to take pictures with white backgrounds. ​ ​I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO SUE ME, BEZEOS.
  9. ​Its fair enough, i had to fight to get 3kb/s on dial-up...