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Shubham kumar pandey

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    intel i3 8130U
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    4 GB
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  1. may you tell me which games are you playing .Since many games use rundll.exe command which sometimes triggers the CPU to its full Load ( Rundll.exe is Microsoft program but some times it get affected by a virus easily) .check the processes in task manager and verify that the game is maxing out on your cpu not the rundll.exe . as you can see in the image whenever i open CS source the rundll.exe is maxing out not the game i should be wrong you should first check and
  2. It completely depends on to you that what you want mobility or performance or both If you are going to use it as a pure game storage then use should chose an internal one but if you want to make it as a portable storage also you should use a external case for it (obviously the USB 3.1)for both portability and performance
  3. yes and he also have 3 partitions Like 1st one for windows, 2nd one for movies, songs, softwares, games and videos & last one is for his family pictures and videos and no the drive having a label of 500GB 5400rpm and it shows 460 GB(sum of all three drive space)
  4. Yesterday,I got my hand on my friend PC(specs: Pentium E6300 ,2 GB RAM,500 GB seagate HDD) to clean format it and boot to windows 7 when I formatted while booting it shows me 711 GB(after format) space free space in the hardrive rather than 460 GB(before format) . I could not figure it out how it was happend .if any know about this should he tells me that is it a good or bad for the pc i later.
  5. my Dell wireless mouse modle wm123 is not working when i opend I found that its a resistor cr a capacitor is de sholdered . If any one have an old mouse of same model ,may any one could give me an image of the PCB so that i could repair it mine looks like this one
  6. As i Said"I had posted this topic only for curiosity that, why it should work?s or Why It Should Not?" in the post And, I am not talking about DIY type UPS ,a consumer based
  7. I am also not taking about running it for 30 min with massive battries as you said to save the work and safely turn it off
  8. As we all know we seriously need a UPS when we are going to build or buy per assembled CPU for gaming or for a powerful workstation But for the CPU having processors like Pentium or celeron (not the 'X' series or Non-pro gaming and editing CPU's) or of that level. Why not to just Hook up a 12 v battery and some voltage step down boards directly in the PSU or in case? Since the PSU gives the output of 12v, 5v, 3.3v. we can easily create the required voltage for for the proper operation of the motherboard. I had posted this topic only for curiosity that, why it should work?s or
  9. Is Asus eeebook E203NA is suitable for arduino programing and using applications like processing3, fritzing. I have a very tight budget the only far I can go up to Rs 14000 or $200
  10. Is  it is possible ,that we can use the mid range laptops as 24 hour running desktop by providing better cooling and power to it. since it has a decent graphics like nvidia 940m 2gb which works fine on mid level games like battlefield 1-2-3,call of Duty 1-2-3 And also in world like games nicely at 1080p


    So, could we make a desktop using an old laptop having i5 3rd or 4th gen in it


    1. karsnoordhuis


      Why not? My uncle does it too. Saves quite a lot of power when idleing and it has a ups built in (sortof)

    2. Shubham kumar pandey

      Shubham kumar pandey

      But many people say that ,this idea does not work since the laptop are not made for long working time 


    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Depends on how good the cooling of the laptop is. 24/7 rendering on a laptop is probably not the best idea, but mixed workload should be doable.