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  1. Hi i want to repaste my asus rog strix gtx 1060 and change its Thermalpads. Which Thickness and how much do i need? best Regards
  2. Hi I changed the Screenprotector of my Nokia 8 two days ago. the display turned on, but it only glowed black. after switching it on and off for several hours and attempting to perform a factory reset (which was not seccusfull, beucause it still did the same thing), it eventually worked again after i removed the screen protector... and my theory is, that the screen protector was statically charged ... Unfortunately it broke again yesterday afternoon by itself ... so i have the same issue now... Does anyone have any suggestion what to do? (https://www.youtube.com
  3. Tomahawk ist a good idea, and for gods sake, just get rid of the corsair stuff and get faster ram
  4. go for a b550 or x570 i mentioned after you chose the GPU and CPU that fit in your price range
  5. if you want to save afew € you can get a B550 like the Bazooka or Mortar If you want to save more money and hve the oppotunity to update the Bios of a b450 Motherboard, get a b450 or x470, if you don't need pciE Gen4
  6. MSI MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI is a beast MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WIFI is cheaper and less RGB, but still looks awsome and is a really nice choice!
  7. why dont you go for a b450 mortar/tomahawk max? if you don't need the pciE Gen4 and are comforable with bios update, there is no reason for a b550 Motherboard
  8. i don't think that you need a x570 board. even a 450 Mortar Max would do a greate job with upgradeability for zen3. (except you insist on the pciE gen4 SSD, even though i would get a b550 bazooka) the NH U 12 S is really good, but way to expensive and unnecessary for a 3600x. get a Mugen 5 rev B or an arctic freezer 34 esport duo or a brocken eco advanced. i would get a 3700x or a 3600. the 3600x is not really worth it. i would also swap out the 5700XT for a 2070Super. i don' think that you need a 750W PSU, but it is nice to have one.
  9. you dont need thermal paste. it is probably included (depends on the cpu cooler you will buy)
  10. i dont know if it is worth it to wait, but i would change the Motherboard to a b450 Mortar Max or Tamahawk Max if you don't need pciE Gen4 and are comfortable with a bios update. i would also swap the 3600x for a 3700x. is this a hyper 212? if yes, than pls throw it out and get a brocken eco advances, Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo or Mugen 5 rev B.
  11. you need to plug in the SATA cable for power