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  1. A friend told me it might work if I buy a new mainboard I am thinking about doing that, does that work? Because I can play on my laptop but that isn't good quality ?
  2. I tried creating more Accounts, I Made like 3 Accounts and resetted my pc. But it still doesn't work. I just want to play fortnite with my friends ?I don't care about my old account ?
  3. Thx, but can I do something against it?
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem every time I join a match of fortnite when I jump out of the bus I get kicked and a message pops up talking me that I was banned for VPN cheats or a bad connection, but my connection can not be the problem because I have a 40ms ling all of the time and I resetted my pc too. I used a hack when I got kicked the first time. What can I do? Did I get banned?