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  1. i could go inbetween and get a 180 hz but i cant seem to find a 27” one thats in my $300 budget
  2. ill take a look at the vid but which are the right caps for corsair
  3. in ow i get more than 144fps but i run fortnite on epic on everytging but like 3 and get constistant 120 so maybe 144 will be fine
  4. Ive done some research and now figured out what i was looking for was White translucent top keycaps but i cant find any with printed letters on em
  5. Im debating on getting a new monitor, but im not sure if i really need a 27" 144hz bc ive used a 24" 60hz for a long time and a 25" 240hz is as much as a 27"144hz here are the monitors im looking at they are both freesync bc i have a amd 580 8gb gpu. What i really want to know is does size really matter just for gaming? I know its more fov but could it really affect that much gameplay? 27" 144hz 25" 240hz
  6. So im wondering where would i get keycaps for a corsair k65 that are transparent with black letters would i have to special order them or?
  7. Its from the recent update its because of the new endorsement update when u press tab and it shows the levels ect it causes fps drops