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  1. Titanstar

    pls help

    i have problems with my razer naga chroma when i lift it mouse cursor just goes down
  2. Titanstar

    any idea?

    im having problems with my jbl xtreme when its on its says battery is on 5 and when i turn it off and put it on charger it says its on 3 or 4
  3. I have problem with my jbl xtreme... Other same speaker's batteries can last up to 20 hours, but mine battery is going down so fast it can't be alive even 10 hours please write of you have solution
  4. but now i fixed it headphones's cable was the problem thanks anyways
  5. no it doesent only second monitor
  6. I have problem with my headphones... when i plug them intro my laptop every other usb port and other monitor everything turns off. I already tried switching ports and its not working