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  1. Someone has come on here with the exact same problem caused by the exact same thing a while ago, lol
  2. Does it do it when u turn stuff on or off in your house? My screen goes black and turns back on if something big on the same circuit turns on,like a heater or something. Think its a saftey feature to stop screen from blowing lol
  3. 'Unstable is dead to me' is alot different to 'dead'
  4. Stop turning it on if ur cpu is instantly overheating ur cooler fan is dead or cooler not attached properly or at all
  5. Lol what? U can damage a cpu with static and fry a few pathways and u will never know why ur cpu is unstable, it wont be dead.
  6. I only aggreed that a low quality psu is a hazard. Never seen the one that OP has, evga bronze rating I would assume would be half decent. The only argument I have to the video is that with alot of manufacturers in terms of quality of protection circuits etc bigger means better. The difference between the cx650 and the cx750 is only 100watt but the protection circuits differ quite a bit on the 12v rail
  7. I agree with xriqn. There is soo much more to a psu than output rating. Protection circuits for a start (over volt, short circuit, etc..), ripple suppression,voltage regulation. Poor ripple suppression to within 50% of within spec (so for 12v rail spec is +/- 120mV) so a ripple of 60mV constantly can reduce lifetime of parts signifigantly. The closer you get to that spec limit, the more it can affect your parts and stability. Most low end psu will have poor qualiry protection circuits or complete lack of them all together. I have seen low tier psu's from name brands with ripple of above 50% of
  8. Is that the nzxt h500? I have that case and took the whole case bar out, it really pissed me off mid build and just never put it back. Also what is with ur graphics card? Look like a rice cracker. Also whats with the model ships in your case? Lmao
  9. I have a 8700 with stock cooler and have never ever had any temperature problens whatsoever.
  10. I wish an 8700k cost 350 where im from, they are 550 here and 430 for a 8700
  11. How can a cpu be rated the worst cpu because of the stock cooler that comes with it? Lmao
  12. If your computer is thermal throttling when you are playing games something else is going wrong like overvolting, bad mount etc not the cooler performance itself.
  13. I have a 8700 with stock cooler and have tried everything i can think of to get it to overheat and i have never been able to get over 80c, lol