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  1. You can create disk clones precisely using DD in linux. Make a bootable USB stick and boot into linux and use dd (plenty of guides online) and copy the entire contents to a drive or file and then you can go about utilising that copy as you wish.
  2. Its too early currently. The price of decent ones is still really high and the amount of support in games as well as content is too low. But there is also no doubt that HDR10 and then Rec 2020 will be important in the future. Its one aspect of moving displays to being able to look like reality, colour, contrast, pixel response rates and resolution. We need to progress on them all substantially before we get to displays being good enough to fool us its a real scene and HDR is a part of that.
  3. OBS is the best software, all be it a bit complex as you need to set it up to encode on the GPU (NVENC or VCE). But on Nvidia right now due to GFE 3.0 and other problems you might find it doesn't work, just forwarning you that Nvidia has f***ed up properly of late in regards to recording and even OBS is broken by it.
  4. The UK has a major infrastructure issue. In this case the height of performance being rolled out across the country is VDSL, which is still running over the old copper phone lines, its a shorter run but its still basic unshielded copper. The way it works is it assumes a consumer on the end of that line and that it is more beneficial to assign 90% of the frequencies to download. The alternative you would have is about 20/20 instead of 2/38, since most of the time you would be getting better use out of the download that is the way its setup. This only changes when you go to a true bi
  5. Its vapourware. The press hasn't said anything because there is nothing to report. Until a game integrates the technology we aren't going to see it used. As far as I know the Nvidia Fun house for VR uses it but its an Nvidia technology demo for Pascal and it doesn't show off the multimonitor capabilities just the VR side. We haven't even got a UI for placing the monitors yet so its a way off. Honestly I don't think its going to take off until both companies support it and it gets added to DirectX.
  6. The motherboard can't limit it, they do consume more power than they should by the specification but its not setting on fire or at least melting plastic or crashing its unlikely power. What is more likely is the usual thing, AMD has a history with stutter/microstutter issues and of late we have been seeing a lot of reports in certain games on Polaris. I would simply call it a driver issue, a fairly common one for AMD unfortunately. Its highly unlikely its all games, just 1 or 2 the OP is trying to play right now. If you play something a bit older and mainstream and still well bench
  7. Watch this guys videos, he has some roundups you will likely find interesting: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGJaDZC7PChgd-XMwcbZkiw
  8. You are wrong. If Vsync is off in the control panel then when the frame rate exceeds the frequency of the monitor it will tear. Vsync should be on to limit the fps and never have the game tear.
  9. I know of no solution that gets close to the virtual barbershop, it uses binaural cues that you don't find in sound cards today. The best solution remains 5.1 in Windows with appropriate game mode and SBX pro enabled. I would love for us to have genuine binaural input but its going to require a massive change in sound APIs back to the way they were in the 2000s.
  10. gsync on in the Nvidia control panel and also make sure vsync on is forced in the NCP as well. That way it will cap out at 165hz and not tear. Games should be vsync off for the best behaviour.
  11. We used to have computers that ran mostly from ROM, Acorn Achimedes for example. The primary problem with it was the inflexibility of program and operating system updates as well as the severe restrictions on application sizes allowed as ROM is considerably more expensive than a hard drive. In the end price/performance won out with the PC.
  12. Looks like you have done everything that you need to.
  13. While it is true its the wire speed and others have noted what that means I wanted to also point out you wont be able to transfer at that speed. The reason is the protocol overhead which is a combination of the physical layer needs, TCP and IP needs over and above the bytes you send. Its actually about 25% or 10 bits = 1 byte of your data transferred.
  14. Its actually 59.97 hz. Some monitors are genuinely 60 hz but more often than not they are actually 59.97. Windows has some funkiness around this that I don't fully appreciate currently but its definitely not a problem.
  15. Gsync fixes two fundamental problems with output to monitors that have existed for a long time, 1) tear lines and 2) microstutter caused by inconsistent frame delivery. It is a massive jump in image quality and smoothness. Its more noticeable to the average eye below 60 fps but once you have been using it for several years you'll miss it at 120+ fps as well, its noticeable how much smoother games are when its running. I don't know about those two monitors, if tftcentral.co.uk has reviews then check those out. But the PG278Q v the PG279Q isn't a big difference. I had the former and
  16. Eventually I imagine a world were most people will have good quality bluetooth (wireless anyway) headsets and we will have the "infrastructure" for that to all work with everyone else stood next to us without any quality loss. Battery density will have gotten to the point where the weight and the life are not issues and everyone is effectively happy with it. We aren't there yet, its extremely premature to be cutting 3.5mm jacks currently to save some space. It might accelerate the adoption of existing bluetooth headsets a bit but its not going to move to the majority in the next decade. Too so
  17. These new render scales are seriously misleading. Back in the olde days of using SSAA (which is all this really is) we used to get 2x and 4x and everyone knew what that meant because it was 2 or 4 samples per pixel and hence 2x or 4x the rendering cost. But now we have these weird scales from 50-200 and they don't even remotely map properly to what is going on, 200% is 4 samples and actually 400% cost? That makes no sense at all once you appreciate what is going on.
  18. The manufacturers claims as to the latency are a complete fabrication. Really good monitors today might in practice get 5ms of processing and switch time at best, at worst its more like 40ms. Both of those monitors will likely claim a 1ms response time, but they will be using different things to measure. Then you have how awful the overdrive will be, some will ghost, some will produce inversions and some will get it just right. Don't just buy a monitor based on the manfacturers, go read a decent review from somewhere like tftcentral.co.uk and see for yourself. Because those spec sh
  19. Gsync is great. Its like vsync off latency but with a solid image and no microstutter. Gsync does more for image quality than most people realise.
  20. The games I have played the most: Arma 3 - multiplayer with my community milsim Minecraft - with mods like feed the beast Kerbal space program Battlefield 4
  21. I don't know of any that cheap. You have the Driving Force GT which is kind of broken and old and not very good and then the first wheels that start to be decent are all $150+. Thrustmaster has a decent range for Xbox + PC with the TX model. But the cheaper wheels aren't usually very good.
  22. The fast way to determine what the settings should be is using something like Intels extreme tweaking tool. You can change all the settings for the overclock in windows and immediately stability test it. Note down the settings you use manually and then once you have a roughly stable setting set it into the bios and do your longer and wider tests.
  23. "Is X optimised" As if somehow as a sentence that means something. "Will this bottleneck" Again this doesn't mean what people obviously think it means, especially since we are not talking about a particular piece of software but all games.
  24. It should be noted VP9 is pretty mature and produces similar quality at similar bit rates. At very constrained bit rates HEVC is superior and with a bit of time I imagine it will be better but there is a reason why youtube adopted VP9.
  25. Back before HD 1920x1080 was released for TVs as 1080p computer users used to list their complete resolution. The p only became important because all of a sudden we had monitors that were interlaced but unless you have one of the transitional HD TVs you wont have it. Its not like it takes an age to type out 1920x1080@60 but hey that is what happened, for some reason monitors adopted the TV nomenclature despite the TVs becoming "monitors". The problem is that "branding" of *p then went into 1440p as well which makes no sense.