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  1. Dear LTT Community, For about a year now I have my Google home controlling my smart light in my room. And I was searching for a way, that if you push the physical light switch connected to the wall to just turn off and on the light instead of cutting the power like you would with a normal Bulb. Because every morning or evening when my siblings or parents come into my room they turn off the light because they hit the physical switch next to the door but the light was turned off with Google home commands. So they hit the switch again and that turns on the light. So sometimes the light star
  2. Added a Picture to the topic. Hope it helps
  3. Dear LTT Community, I recently got gifted an Asus RGB LED strip from a friend because he is selling his old rig to move on to DDR4 since my attempts at RGB have failed in the past and my motherboard doesn't have RGB headers onboard. I've thought about asking the community first. Since there (as I know of) no hub that Asus makes for their RGB lighting and controlling, of getting the Cooler master RGB hub from Amazon (https://www.amazon.de/Cooler-Master-MasterAccessory-Zubehörteil-MFY-RCSN-NNUDK-R1/dp/B071JY88NX?pd_rd_wg=xgba5&pd_rd_r=8346cd8a-38d7-4e25-bdf0-5e7683d04e36&pd_rd_w=8kC
  4. Ok, next question then? Cause after some googling I got confused and I'd rather be on the safe side before making any more purchases. Do I need the comtroller and hub for me to control the fan lights with corsair link or not. Some posts say yes others say no. I have an Asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 and just want a good controll able case fan with pc software
  5. Does that mean that my rgb fan cable and the hub are broken? Or better question would be how do I know if it still works withiut a second hub?
  6. Dear LTT Community, I recently bought the corsair hd 140 rgb fan to light up my pc a litte, since I dont have a rgb headder on my motherboard. I need a rgb hub? Thats at least what I've been told. So I got an amazon bundle and bought the aerocool P7 - H1 aswell. Everything arrived today, unpacked and tested outside of the case. The rgb didnt light up suddenly noticed smoke and a burning smell comming from the hub. Not sure if the fan rgb cable part or the hub are the cause. My pc still works fine. And thinking about sending the rgb hub back. Still worried ~ Slagbot
  7. So, I recently upgraded my case to a corsair 760t in white. And was searching for a blue or white graphics card to match the rest of the build theme and fit in well into my room, Today I came across the sapphire rx 580 nitro+ blue edition with 8GB, watched some youtube videos all rating the card bad for the price at 500 USD, but I found the price for 200€ on sale. (Since I live in Germany its in €.) And the questions I wanted to ask were 1. If the card was an actual card with 8GB or second hand or counterfit like @JayzTwoCents reviewed in a recent video. Of off official brand graphics cards (v
  8. So I just figured out that 4k isn't actually 4k and no I don't mean that cinema 4k isn't manufacturer 4k. But rather the statement that 4 times 1080p(HD) is 4k but if you do the math it turns out to be (1920 x 1080) HD times 4 would actually be 7680 x 4320 which I Googled and that's apparently 8k? So I'm confused and just wanted to ask the question
  9. Hello, LTT community, I've been watching the channels for over 2 years now. And just today thought of joining the forum. I was wondering if anyone knew of a corsair 760 t Buildguide since I just recently bought that case, (because it looks nice has enough room for my hardware and space to upgrade for the future and fits into my room colors with my desk setup) and was unsure how to cable manage it and make it look good from the outside.