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Everything posted by jurian123

  1. Are you planning for SLI? I ask this because 750 watt is really really really not necessary. 650 is big enough. Noctua coolers are really good, but you can also get good cooling with 212 evo.
  2. Q code 53 is from RAM. In the case of asus. So yeah tried other ram ? Could be memory controller.
  3. Force the download and installation. http://www.microsoft.com/nl-nl/software-download/windows10
  4. 90% of the g1 gaming cards indeed have coil whining. So if you want to play with noise get the g1 its a really good card. You can also wait a few days longer and the gtx980ti lightning. The strix is also a good option.
  5. That is the maximum amount what the cpu can handle. BUT it isnt your actual voltage.
  6. I think you cant go wrong with any of the paid security services.
  7. Its legit. If it actually works dunno
  8. What is your budget? That helps us to maybe to point you in the right direction.
  9. Well tbh 860 watt what i have is more than enough for SLI.
  10. ayyy lmao kden well burn baby burn xDDD soryy Hahahahahhahaha
  11. Welcome to the forums. Great question a 980ti doesnt need so much power. A 800-900 watt psu is good enough
  12. I wont trust wiki. Everyone can type what they want there. SLI and CF is a technology used for gpus. So you can run multiple gpus. In one game its more optimized than others but indeed it will be used 50/50. (not in all cases).
  13. if i used the link from ltt i had too. otherwise i wouldhave it now.