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  1. First of all, welcome to the LTT forums. 2nd the link doesnt work 3rd Great build already nothing to really change Also when you post something follow your thread so you can see when someone post something. You can ask me anything if i answer is something else xDDD
  2. Think you killed it with your paper clip. Sorry for reading it wrong do xDD
  3. Its not recommended to disassemble your psu. And this would indeed be one of those results. Also when your were "disassembling" did you use anti static strap and other things ?
  4. Pls no defrag on ssd pls pls pls dice pls (dont know but dice pls) Gonna ask something stupid: re install windows, or repair windows. Startup, login. Press start button and hold shift press restart. And should be easy from there. Dont click to fast.
  5. Very unlikely What is wrong with it. No it should be less due less power draw.
  6. Alright ive been searching and trying in a vm, but i dont know why you cant merge those. And ofc if you delete a partition you lose data. There is a program who can solve this. http://download.cnet.com/MiniTool-Partition-Wizard-Free-Edition/3000-2094_4-10962200.html
  7. Yea, but should still work. But he said he orientated it the right way so we have to believe that.
  8. Your CPU oke if no really re mount your cpu block.
  9. Even wrong still works normal . orientation doesnt matter.
  10. Looks like your cpu block isnt mounted correctly. After that try the other things.
  11. That is a tricky one. Dont have a fix atm. Let me try to find it out .
  12. Check first if your CPU block is mounted the right way. And makes good connection to the heat spreader. After that make sure water is flowing through your loop dont listen to your pump because if your pump makes noise it could be broken. Also have you OC you gpu or nah?
  13. Well there always be fight between RED and GREEN, but imo (in my opinion) green will always win because of better drivers . Amd drivers are always shit. My friend who has a amd card has always problems with it.
  14. Then what i would say is which one is cheaper. GL
  15. There is a 70% that your card has coil whining. I dont like noise so i would go for the strix, but there is still a chance you have coil whining. G1 is cheaper due coil whining but great performance Strix is more expensive also a great cooling solution but not to the same degree. Are you planning on water cooling your gpu ? Or not even thinking about it. (if you are you can go with the g1 ) Personally i would go for the strix, because of a lower chance of coil whining. You still have great performance and overclocking no problem. (and yes ive most things from asus so little fanb
  16. Its directX 12 so it must work the same for both GPU cards. Otherwise it was directx mantle amd neverworks API
  17. eh kden well in america you have 0 privacy with NSA behind there computer
  18. RIP my grammar but OCing on the strix card isnt bad only you can get higher clocks on the g1 due the 600 watt heat dissipation.
  19. Apparently they used some AMD mantle api stuff. You know the thing that actually never worked good
  20. Well if you like coil whining go for the g1 gaming better OC, but if you dont OC strix is a very very good option. Also the g1 gaming wasnt compatible with my color scheme. So strix it was
  21. JayzTwoCents has video of the OC 390x against 980. Go and watch it
  22. it shouldnt block out the rubber grommets. E-atx that is not really standard? What will be your complete build ?
  23. G1 gaming from gigabyte, but rip ears with COIL whining . Ive a 980ti strix plays everything very very well. So not complaining.